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    Issue with my clip setting

    this my setting what am I doing wrong thanks in advance Blue iris is installed on C: is a 500G SSD D:\BlueIris\db D:\BlueIris\New Size limited is 899 is 1 tb SSD (move to stored) H:\BlueIris\stored Size limited is 3512 is 4 tb drive (move to stored e)...
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    Seagate hard drives :-)

    What would you take for A 6
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    Seagate hard drives :-)

    would you take $120 for one 8 shipped?
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    WTS Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 For Sale

    would you take 140 shipped ?
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    Review - OEM IPC-B5442E-ZE 4MP AI Varifocal Bullet Camera With Starlight+

    what is model number and cost of fix turret thanks
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    if you will take 65 is a deal
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    AI 4.0 Series Cameras

    IPC-HFW4239T-ASE 2MP WDR Full-color Starlight Mini Bullet Network Camera have they come out with turret version of this cam yet?
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    Caught a prowler on video and I'm looking to upgrade my cameras

    One issue with using flood lights that motion activated unless you force then in color they will be blind for a few seconds went they switch BW to color when the lights come on
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    Giving access to select cameras

    Thanks I knew that had to be an easy way to do it
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    Giving access to select cameras

    I want some remote users to only access selected cameras how do I do this
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    I got robbed, now I'm buying cameras so I can watch them do it again

    As many have said read the WIKI. 4K is great if you have enough light but in most cases you will not have a enough light for results you are hoping for in low light coverage at least that budgets most of us are working with. My go to cam is the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE turret cam (has many advantage...
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    Latest New 20180813 Firmware for DH_IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea

    Ok is there a consensus which in currently best and most stable for use on the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Thanks in advance
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    New starlight fixed lens dome and bullet 0.001lux.

    Thanks I think I wait and see if they come out with a turret model as it would work much better for my application I think they currently offer it in CVI as turret
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    New starlight fixed lens dome and bullet 0.001lux.

    Andy what is current price on the IPC-HFW4239T-ASE and are you going have turret version anytime soon