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    New here, need camera/lens advice, please rate my security plan

    For me personally, it's too easy for someone to come over the fence or from the other neighbours garden. I think I'd put the 6mm just above the doorbell looking out towards you car and the 2.8mm on the brick outcrop between your house and the neighbour to your right (left in the photo) with the...
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    Ford truck danger!

    I think I confused your neighbours front with yours. It's his video where they're smashing the cans. Don't know your front layout.
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    Less Bandwidth?

    Sorry wrong command. Meant to say use Trace Route (tracert). So for example: tracert This should ping every hop to the end server.
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    Less Bandwidth?

    Have you tried running a ping test from a laptop connected wirelessly? This might show the latency between the mesh connections. As you're IT I'm ure you knwo how to do this but for everyone else, click on the windows icon bottom left of wwindows, type "Run" in the windows search bar tht pops...
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    Ford truck danger!

    Yes. Look at the tow bar, very distinctive gooseneck style design. Also, it's a Texas registration although as you said probably stolen. Again, from your other video, you need a dedicated LPR pointed sufficiently down the road that the angle gets a clear shot of the plates. ATM it looks as if...
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    Stolen Van

    Looks like you need a dedicated LPR camera. Pity the one camera you had that got a good view of the truck behind had a broken stream as the truck drove by, although it's doubtful in the conditions given the zoom and resolution whether the License Plate would have been retreivable. From what I...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    I agree Fender although 3 reports of the same fault on 1 forum does give me some cause for concern given the small sample of owners.
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Matter of perspective. 3 users now reporting issues. I'd say that poentially indicates a quality control problem. That said, 3 out of how many? Either way, needs addressing. I wouldn't personally want to buy one if I was seeing the reports of failures we're currecntly seeing. 1 person, yes...
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    DVR Constantly Restarts itself every 30-40 seconds. Please help.

    Yep the unit will only draw as much power as it needs, it's getting the correct voltage and a power rating that exceeds the maximum drawn that matters. It's like a pc, once you get over the max system draw limit eg 400W, it doesn't matter if you stick a 450W or 1,500W PSU in, or anything in...
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    Shipment Delay Notification

    You can usually get free Prime if you need it via their trial offer and then cancel it after your parcel has been delivered.
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    For anyone not acroos both threads, it appears there may be an emerging issue with this camera:
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    Motion detected but recording not triggered

    In the UK the Noise Abatement Officer will do that for him. They will assess the situation, decide if any laws have been broken, if there are, they will come out and take measurements using their equipment and probably film video as well, then speak to the neighbour and probably advise them of...
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    DS-2CD3345-I video quality compare to an equivalent Dahua

    As Fender said you get what you pay for. A better way forward would be to buy cameras such as the PC-T5442TM-AS, but buy less of them. Start off small with a few then add then as you can afford them. Nothing you buy in the $50 range will even come close. There was a recent model sub $100 camera...
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    Motion detected but recording not triggered

    For abusing him with a megaphone, be aware that may result in you getting sued for nuisance or arrested for provoking a breach of the peace should he report it to the local police! Best advice, contact your local council. They will have a noise abatement officer who will be both knowedgeable in...
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    Need Help Recovering Corrupt Video files and got into an Accident

    For a start get rid of the battery and buy the super capacitor pack. It's only around $10 but is far more suited to daschcam use than a battery. Batteries will fail from constant charging and can catch fire in hot cars. A SC will not. Secondly, you need to bear in mind when choosing an SD card...