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    Cable splitters and poe problems.

    I see the faulty chip was a Glory and it burnt a hole. I take it from that your board had a Glory hole. It's no wonder you're happy it's working again. Just don't tell the wife! On a more serious note, glad you got it working again. Only aspect that would worry me is what caused the chip to...
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    Morning Neighborhood Car Thieves

    It looks to me as though it's mounted too high and the shutter speed is too low. I also think you need a wide view straight down the drive. They crossed the cross view very quickly so were only in frame for a few secs and you had nothing capturing a close up of any activity that did take place...
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    Hello from middle Uk !

    Welcome. :)
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    Outdoor POE Switch

    Yeah I think that's going to be the solution or to put small bolts through the bottom with rubber seals. I couldn't find another case. The UK seems very limited in supply and choice.
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    Review-OEM Loryta IPC-T5442T-ZE Varifocal 4mp camera (Dahua)

    Software can correct distortions. Whether it's possible live I wouldn't know, it's a lot of processing. I personally think the Empire Tech branding comes across better than Lortya to Western audiences as it sounds like a more mainstream supplier / branding. This. I'd worry more about the...
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    Ordered Sony SNC-VB770 Image Sensor Size 35MM :)

    They really need to get these down to $200. :p
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    Review-OEM Loryta IPC-T5442T-ZE Varifocal 4mp camera (Dahua)

    Are you sure it's not just a characteristic of the lens they're using? Curvature isn't unusual on very wide eye lenses and looking at your picture, I'm not sure it's just the top 1/4. The wall just above 1/2 way up also looks curved and the heating vent bottom left isn't vertical. Could be lens...
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    Catalytic converter theft in 20 seconds

    Type one could be more effective. Ever come across an angry cat? Makes barbed wire look tame.
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    Catalytic converter theft in 20 seconds

    That's exactly what's happened in the UK. All scrap dealers are licensed and anyone selling scrap of any sort to a dealer has to produce a an official photo ID ie photogrpahic driving licence, passport etc, and the dealer has to record the exact details of the sale and the name and address of...
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    NVR vs Blue Iris

    I can't see any point in buying fast gaming memory. Crucial max is expensive and unless you're overclocking, probably not a good idea on a pc running 24/7 or an office pc designed with probably a marginal PSU, MB power stage and cooling, then why waste all that money? Standard memory will be...
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    NVR vs Blue Iris

    There's little if nothing to be gained from NVME 4.0. Look at the tests by Linus Tech Tips and others. Speed increase over an SSD is fractional, in tests in game loading often the advantage was around 1-2 second, and for something with short loading times like an App, on that basis, it will be...
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    Lazy & careless Amazon driver TWO days in a row

    It's you negligence if you leave spike strips across the driveway especially without a warning sign.
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    NVR vs Blue Iris

    CD / DVD / BR RW Disc drives are on their way out which is probably why bays are declining on business models. Most gaming cases no longer features front slots. I guess it's the rise of the memory stick that's responsible. Future options are either going to be external RW drives or USB stick...
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    Dahua TIOC 3.6mm 4mp Turret - Thoughts and Video

    I should have mentioned, In Camera encoding settings were h264 and 8mbs bit rate. BI export encoding was at 50% quality (normal). The BI video was rendered in Vegas Pro at 24mbs cbr and 4k and Vimeo transcoding unknown but usually high quality.
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    Dahua TIOC 3.6mm 4mp Turret - Thoughts and Video

    Andy's asked me to convey my thoughts about the new TIOC Camera. As I'm not a qualified reviewer and have nothing to compare it to, I thought I'd do it a bit differently by telling a tale of it's usefulness...allow me to set the scene.... The home of a UK Democratic supporter has been broken...