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    DMSS and DMSSHD on Ipad on iphone notifications

    Your notifications are they flooding like showing every couple seconds for the same event? It is doing that to me now. I can get like 100 notifications on my phone in short period of time.
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    DMSS IVS Notifications

    That is the same behavior on my iDMSS and DMSS app. Only the notifications that were clicked will show up in the messages. Been like that ever since I installed the cameras in 2019. Don't know why it works like that. I am more interested in how you were able to name the cameras to show South...
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP-S1 Push Notification via DMSS

    Interesting...was researching why my push notifications stopped coming to my iPhone since I updated DMSS few days ago. I have firewall only allowing TCP 2195 push for my camera VLAN. I was reading this If your Apple devices aren't getting Apple push notifications says at the bottom "* Legacy...
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    Mobile App

    ^^This is exactly my thoughts regarding both apps. I use both for this same reason on my iPhone. Couple days ago I accidently updated the DMSS to version 1.94.000 Build Date 2021.08.21 and now I no longer get the IVS push notifications to my phone. Tried deleting the app, deleting and drawing...
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    Dahua Deep IVS - Newbie question

    This high angle you only see the top of people's head though. :drool:
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    DMSS App - Connection Failed - New Router

    When it used to work were you viewing on your home network through wIFI or ...?
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    How to stop Smart PSS Tone on PC

    Check if PC-NVR is installed. Uninstall it.
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    Notifications stopped working in DMSS and iDMSS Plus

    I thought I was the only one having this problem with iDMSS. It was working fine and getting notifications pushed to my iphone until mid last week. I tried resetting all settings and rebooting all my network equipment. So it seems it's the app problem? How do you set your DMSS? My iOS DMSS...
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    iDMSS Plus 4.91.000

    My iDMSS on iOS is version 4.91.005 for some reason the past week all IVS notifcations stopped getting pushed to my phone. I've reset everything and reconfigure the tripwire rules and now was able to get one camera to send push but still flaky. The newest DMSS app never gave me any push...
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    Dahua time sync issue

    Do all 9 of your cameras have DST checked in the camera settings page?
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    Dahua DMSS App.

    The iDMSS app I can get it to go straight to live view 4 square as soon as i open the app but with DMSS I can't get it to do the same. Also why can't both apps they make the message tab to show all notifications received? Instead it only displays the notifications that I have clicked on and viewed.
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    DaHua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 firmware upgrade questions.

    V2 and E same thing? I thought I read a while back that E Was for ePoE ?
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    Amcrest Doorbell – AD110 Night Time Video?

    The infrared is reflecting back causing it to be dark like that.
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    Can not rely on motion detection to be 100% accurate. On any camera, any brand.