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    morelup, use IE + plugin. Chrome has many bugs...
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    Dramus, you have a 2 megapixel camera, you will not be able to replicating.
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    The fact that the camera should be on the street, the snapshot should be a landscape and contain many objects, as you have.
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    EMPIRETECANDY, aristobrat, Dramus, Set the settings as in the screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4, set the interval of snapshots, let's say 300 seconds, and then look after 1 hour how many snapshots you have saved. On the street should be bright spot time days (Sunny). Dramus, your exposition is what you need.
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    EMPIRETECANDY, Firmware: 2.460.*, 2.622.*, 2.800.* Does not work saving snapshot if they are more than 2 megabytes!!!
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    EMPIRETECANDY, Does not work saving pictures if they are more than 2 megabytes!!! How to roll back the firmware to version 2.622??? - Impossible :(
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    Camera: IPC-HDBW5831E-ZHE Not working saving pictures over 2Mb!!! Neither the event nor the time!!! On firmware 2.460, 2.622 the same! Up to 2 MB saves all that is no more. The video constantly writes, it's all good. Help!!! :(