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    Reolink - good & bad

    @fenderman I'm glad you posted the above... I have a friend who has brought three of these in the past 30 days! I kept telling them not to buy these, but you know when somebody just knows better! They were getting 50% off coupons being sent to them so they just couldn't help themselves. I tried...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Mad as it sounds this is something that should be thought about anyway... I paid for mine years ago and I'm nowhere near that time yet... You never know what is round the corner and you don't want to leave loved ones with the financial problems
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    I hope this information is right Andy, as there are a lot of people loosing loved ones at the moment... Especially in Italy, my heart goes out to that nation and their families
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    Camera IP fault

    Like @bp2008 said we could do with some more information / picture to help diagnose but I would start with checking IP address to see if you have conflicts..
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    Ubiquity or Ligowave

    Ubiquiti all day my friend... Installed a couple of the above (Gen 2 Models) last month for a client as a wireless bridge..... getting solid 302Mbps connection speed.. Wouldn't install anything else.
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    How to access BlueIris from android app when using vpn?

    Don't use the OpenVPN ip address to connect to your BI server, use the ip address your Windows 10 pc that runs BlueIris has allocated to it.
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    How to access BlueIris from android app when using vpn?

    I'm assuming that you actually configured a VPN server on your router and all the necessary port forwarding / firewall rules associated with the VPN server? Also created and exported the necessary .OVPN file and configured it to either specify your static IP address from your ISP or your DDNS...
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    Unable to view camera remotely

    RT-AC53 | Networking | ASUS Global for example but search their product page for one you like and can afford and look at their features. It usually states VPN server on the page somewhere.
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    Unable to view camera remotely

    Here is a link to your router manual... D305 User Guide-Tenda-All For Better NetWorking from there search for DDNS and follow the instruction about how to config DDNS (You can use Free Dynamic DNS - Managed DNS - Managed Email - Domain Registration - No-IP to create a free DDNS account to use in...
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    Unable to view camera remotely

    If you have a new WAN IP address then you need a DDNS soultion so when your ISP changes your external IP address your system keeps track of the new IP address and changes accordingly. Read VPN Primer for Noobs for information about VPN setup, DDNS explanation Need to Get to Your Computer...
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    Unable to view camera remotely

    I guess you have your cameras configured to dhcp so now your cameras have rebooted they now have a new internal ip address which isn't port forwarded to the new IP address like your old ip address was. Check your router to see if the cameras have a new address and adjust your port forwarding...
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    Crazy break in video

    They are some dumb ass dicks! From 48sec in when the first guy jumps a box and almost fails then the second guys struggles to take a bike from a stand and reverse it out you just knew they were going to get caught!!!
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    Help troubleshoot night image quality

    Hi, looks like you are getting IR reflection from the sofit above the camera. Actions are as follows:- 1) Tilt the camera down towards the ground to reduce the IR bleed. 2) Turn-Off your IR lights on the camera 3) Install Flood Lights and turn off IR lights on the camera 4) Relocate the camera...
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    More proof that Ring sucks.

    I know this guy! It's Slimer from "Ghostbusters"
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    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    You can't beat purchasing a house from a couple falling out... can knock a lot of the final purchase price! I got 20k off my last purchase as the couple just wanted out and I could complete a quick sale! Happy Days