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    Coons stealing my bananas

    Never thought your pump pvc pipe would be used by the raccoons as a balance beam to eat some bananas. Time to place some grease on that pipe.
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    LPR Doesn't Only Capture Plates :-)

    For the next picture, could i have you sit on the skateboard facing me......................
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    I tip my hat to these guys and girls

    Good video!
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    Is their better at a reasonable budget ?

    I painted the back of my fence black to absorb the light and it worked perfect.
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    Police chase in my neighborhood

    They caught the jerk.
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    REVIEW: Budget 4MP Turret Comparison - IPC-T2431T-AS vs Chinese HDW4433C-A

    I have never had a camera tampered with, screw or plastic.
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    Epoe trench 750ft long

    Hope they caught the jerks..............!
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    Police chase in my neighborhood

    I have not posted in a while, due to helping a family member who had a stroke. It's been pretty quiet around my house for a while and i am glad for that. But today there was some action. I am sure this idiot was caught, because they never get away. Stay safe all.
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    Red Stretch Limo

    Ha, just like my place, may as well pull the sign up.
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    A mugging ... before and after

    Good catch, i am glad they were caught.
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    Ring Alarms discounted for Prime Day (2020 Oct 13)

    Simplisafe doesn't have the echo system that ring alarm has. But i am sure it is fine for some people. Just not me.
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    Running Red LIght!

    The fact of the matter is people drive with no regard for other drivers. It's like they get in the car and take off brain dead. Loud ass mufflers, cutting people off, tailgating, running red lights, on the phone. They get in the car and it's like i am entitled to do what ever the hell i want...
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    Neighbhors Car Jack Being Stolen around 0640 hrs Today 11/8/2020

    To bad his head wasn't under that truck when it landed.
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    RIP Alex Trebek

    My mom watched him every day.
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    Ring Alarms discounted for Prime Day (2020 Oct 13)

    It does not have to be connected to the internet, it can be on your intranet. It uses cellular signal to call police dispatch. But the base station and keypads and sensors talk to each other over wifi, so you have to have some type of router set up in your home. In my opinion the ring alarm and...