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    Misc critter captures

    That was great, the bats were having a feast. I guess the ir lights bring the bugs which brings the bats? That MOM racoon was huge. What did your cat go after, he scared the other cat half to death :lmao:
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    Peregrine Falcon

    Oh yeah i see it now!
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    Two nights in a row

    I am just glad they got them ass hats. Roaming around like they own the place. To bad the black cat that raced across at 2:55 didn't scare the creep. Thanks for the video.
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    Think I need a better camera. Car prowl

    So sad some of these kids, mom will say he is a good kid he wouldn't do that. Pisses me off.:mad:
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    Peregrine Falcon

    Nice, what did he catch?
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    A good amazon delivery!

    Today's driver did a good job of putting the packages inside the gate. Some drivers leave them outside the gate asking for the packages to be taken.
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    Spay and neuter your pets please.

    If everyone would get their pets spayed and neutered they would not break out and roam these streets all night.
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    You can't cat -ch me.

    The happy cat returns, only to find out he is in the grey cats territory!
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    Looking to add an alarm to Dahua NVR but have no experience with this.

    Not sure if this will help or not.
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    Peregrine Falcon

    So graceful. Cool catch.
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    UPS Using Personal Cars?

    My friend who works for UPS said sometimes the packages are left off the normal drivers truck because the truck is full, and the supervisor will get them out to the homes by any means. Some times they rent trucks to take them. It's usually 2 day or 1 day packages that they will do this for.
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    Trying to determine my path into cameras around my house

    Just do not let your cameras go outside your network. Check this out.
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    Review - Dahua SD49225XA-HNR 2MP 25x Starlight + IR PTZ AI Camera with Deep IVS & SMD Plus

    I think that is a nice camera to add to any system.
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    New New New and lost! Can't initialize camera...

    Maybe one of these can help.