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    HFW1831E 2.8mm vs 4mm

    PTZ auto track, which will zoom in for better facial identification. See the person walking in the background? I can't identify other than a man in black. But i have the 1831 on my porch and in my backyard a good addition to my surveillance arsenal.
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    Kids With Rocks

    First thing the mom would say if she was told they did this. "not my boys, they would never do something like that". That's when you show her the video.
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    Frosty Vandal

    I thought they were going to ring your doorbell and when you opened the door they were going to start singing Christmas carols. I guess I watch to many movies. Nothing is going to happen to him, to prevent him or them because they are all guilty, from doing it again. The slap on the wrist...
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    Hikvision 7716ni sp/16 plug and play not working

    If you want it I will send it, I do not plan on using it any more. It's the ud4364n-a bullit cam. It's a good overview camera, which is why i was going to place it in the garage. I can have more use out of the PTZ I replaced it with in my backyard. Anyway give me the address you want me to send...
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    Hikvision 7716ni sp/16 plug and play not working

    Glad you were able to get it. I was able to change the password and get on. But when I added it to my network it wanted another password so, i gave up for now. I'm running by cameras on blue iris. That camera was going in the garage, i moved the garage PTZ camera outside where that hikvision...
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    license plate camera

    Yep. Check out the LPR Thread.
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    Hikvision 7716ni sp/16 plug and play not working

    type the error message in google it will tell you how to add the missing dll. It worked for me but now it is asking for a password, which it won't take the password i set up on my camera so i will have to figure it out.
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    Games Being Played on a Major Highway

    This is every day driving in every country. Get your dash cams to save you from these idiots and insurance companies.
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    Which Camera Location Do You Think Is Better (Pictures)

    Enough said, wife made the decision. Remember happy wife...........
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    Not sure what was going on here but my hand was on my weapon after the second shot.
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    Tropical Storm Nicholas

    That's good. I have not been on in a while as I am helping my sister who had a stroke. Didn't know it would be so much work and time consuming. She and her husband had strokes months apart. So it's been a challenge but all is good. I am also glad that I have not had anything going on around my...
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    Tropical Storm Nicholas

    Geez glad all is good. I am just glad the branch fell away from my cars.
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    Tropical Storm Nicholas

    Nicholas woke me up this morning! I was lucky!
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    Cows Wander Behind Our House

    Who let the cows out who who who, who let the cows out who who who --- i love that song.
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    Deer Crossing Issues Last 2 Days

    Do you know if it is the same deer each time?