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    OpenAlpr Watchmen help

    Same with my street, 100 cars a day, and I can capture them all using the CSV downloads, with my 'expired trial commercial version'. It's not clear what a 'recognition' actually means, it might just be a plate which is marked for special alerts. As long as you can log in and download the full...
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    OpenAlpr Watchmen help

    Hmm. When I signed up a year ago they didn't have this Watchman plan; it was just a Cloud API where you install their software on the local PC, and tag the IP camera, and it sends images through the cloud for accounting of plates. It allowed for 2 days of plate retention, and still does. I...
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    OpenAlpr Watchmen help

    The OpenALPR services are for IP cameras. They offer a free Watchman tier which retains data in their cloud for 2 days. You could then build some custom applications to automate the download and importation of their cloud data into your own standalone database, and query, view and quantify the...
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    OpenALPR free license?

    Yes, their "Watchman" service is free. It allows for 2 days of plate retention. Then use the "LPR Downloader" to automate the importation of the license plate data, and the "LPR Viewer" to catalog and view the data. As you start to build your own local database and build the needed Visual...
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    BI and Facial Recognition?

    Some pricey eye wear for subverting face recognition in our surveillance society.
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    http ptz command gave authorization required error

    Can you use a browser URL to effect the preset jump?
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    OpenALPR agent keeps crashing.

    Are you using the cloud version? And have you tried the OpenALPR forum? OpenALPR Discussion
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    Hi hndymann, I never tested Gymratz' alerts process. Hope either he or another might be able to fill you in soon. The viewer app can set the plates to be alerted while the downloader app will push out the alerts when it sees a match in the alerts listings. Where and how the configuration occurs...
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    First foray into LPR, with IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E

    I'd suggest trenching out to that telephone pole and placing the camera in an enclosure of some kind close to the pole. If the lens were then pointed at the intersection, you ought to be able to collect most plates regardless of direction of travel.
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    In the Project menu, Add Windows Form, and in the 'Installed' category on the left, and in the 'Common Items' sub-category, there is no 'Splash Screen' listed on the right? Which version of Visual Studio are you running? Even so, you ought to be able to add a plain Windows form, making sure to...
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    I revisited the design and discovered how easy it is to add a splashscreen. First you would add a splash screen as described above. Then in the 'Project / (project name) Properties' menu item, in the 'Application' category, the Startup Form will remain the main Form1, or whatever name you set...
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    Dahua camera phoning home to China

    Another hardware option for VLANs and VPN access is the 'Prosumer' Ubiquiti brand. Their USG, managed switches and APs would get the job done, too.
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    You can add a splash screen by again looking at the Project menu, select 'Add Windows Form..' and in the Common Items category about half way down the list is 'Splash Screen (Windows Form)'. There you can design the splash screen as you wish. In the 'Project' menu, again at the bottom item for...
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    When you run the EXE program you had created in VS, there's a default icon used. You can choose your own icon for the program, but there are two places to tag the icon in VS: 1. Click on a part of the Form and look at the Form properties, for the 'icon' property setting. There you can click...
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    Hi bam2413. With Visual Studio, once you've 'File/Save All' then go to the 'Build' menu where you can then 'Build the Solution' into a standalone EXE program. Then look in the folder of the project name and in the 'bin/Debug' folder for the EXE file. That would be the one to run instead of...