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    Worlds First Review - Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5449T1-ASE+D2 - Dual Lens Full Color 2.0

    Yeah 5449 was the first cam I ordered. I will agree about the fov. I have it mounted about 7-8 ft above my driveway needs to be mounted higher. I ordered another 5442 to replace it and may try it elsewhere
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    The Typical picture of a Perp we capture with better cameras than the consumer grade camera images we tend to see on Nextdoor

    wow...your camera actually caught the shadow of the masked crime fighter about to swoop down on that perp.......
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    Need suggestion for hidden camera

    Lol.. this post does sound like one posted awhile back .....
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    well I guess its better than what it was anyway... some of the cams were several minutes off before... they are all Dahua cameras ... in any case Im good lol
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    Yeah I set them all to 1 minute
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    ok I think i have it set up correctly. All the cams are still 1-3 seconds off from each other... is that normal? Thanks
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    Do you actually need NetTime though? I see the option in all the camera setups to enable NTP server...
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    My MP4 exports are ugly, they have a foggy haze.

    Actually I exported my first clip ever today frim my new doorbell and posted because someone asked me to post a sample and I told him I didn't know if I didn't do it correctly because the clip quality didn't look as good as viewing in BI.....
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    That is from BI....
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    not sure if I exported it correctly...on BI the video seems sharper
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    yes its both wifi and POE... I have it connected via POE though....I've never exported video yet...have to figure out how to do it lol
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    This is the main reason I ordered it. I needed to replace my doorbell because it stopped working and believe it or not friends or neighbors rang the doorbell on several occasions and did not know and left thinking we werent home. And while I have a wedge cam opposite it does not have two way...
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    Couple of bear visitors tonight

    they look way too comfortable in your environment......
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    When you gotta go... you gotta go.

    looks like she had a tattoo on her ass... better send that screen grab to the cops so they can post it in their morning meeting lol