Deplorable Neanderthal Christion Atty, mostly retired, Recovering 50yr DemonCrap , Hildabeast's Obama-Biden-Clinton Mobs worst enemy. Trump the greatest President in my life. First Saint and I was married 44 years passed 2008. My second Saintly wife, 30 years my junior is the smartest country raised girl I have ever met. One son is a cop and the other an aircraft builder. Many G'Children and a few GGChildren.
I attended several major universities starting with Harvard professors ending up with a Doctorate in Law. Worked in medical research and Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Looking back over my incredible journey from severe poverty to great comfort and security, realize my parents, my Bible and Gunsmoke taught me more Law and Ethics than did all the Universities.
My dad, me and 2 brothers served in 4 wars and get choked up when the National Anthem is played and Old Glory unfurled. Lost 103 lbs with Keto, and only have one suit to wear till I die: my class A dress uniform with 14 awards on a chest that loves the greatest Nation in the World.
Nov 28, 1943 (Age: 79)
Attorney & Prop Mgmt



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