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    User PAID download of video/CCTV clips?

    Yes thanks, I'm aware of the GDPR restrictions. Peoples faces do not appear in the stream. I don't really want to use up the bandwidth in uploading local files (24 hours of video a day) when perhaps only one buyer might just want a clip from that day of 5 minutes from, say 14:22 to 14:27. I...
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    User PAID download of video/CCTV clips?

    Thanks for the link and I'll look more closely at the solutions in the list However, I need it to be fully automated. Ideally, I want the user to purchase, say a 5 minute clip, by specifying the date and time stamp on the CCTV video stream that is stored on disk. Basically, the odd user is...
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    User PAID download of video/CCTV clips?

    I'm new to this forum but thought it might be the right place to find some answers or point me in the right direction. I have an IP network camera that records to hard disk. I want the facility for a public User to be able to choose and pay for (PayPal?) clips from the stored video streams. I...