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    Best firmware/browser to make 5442 settings stick

    I have the same cams as you running V2.820.0000000.5.R, Build Date: 2021-07-05 firmware (Dahua Logo, Andy cams) and use Firefox. Never had any issue with settings not sticking. FPS and time are stable.
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    Reolink RLC-520 Unable to change to Static IP Address...

    I noticed in your second PIC, the gateway is not the same third octet as your static IP. Could that be it? Did you try for the gateway? I've had a couple Reolinks and never had a problem setting a static IP. If I try to set my Amcrest/Dahua cam gateway third octet to something...
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    How To Upgrade Amcrest / Lorex to Dahua Firmware And Get All Dahua Features

    I've decided to stick with the Dahua FW for my Amcrest IP8M-T2599EW and IP5M-B1186EW cams for commonality as all my other cams are Dahua/EmpireTech. Dahua is still actively updating FW for both but I don't see that from Amcrest. Somewhere in here I read Dahua would apply the fixes to SmartIR to...
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    Splitting IP Camera

    Yes, multiple devices can access a single camera through a switch. Need more details about what you are trying to achieve.
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    Unable to delete clip

    Zombie files are annoying! If you're using BI, right click the zombie clip and chose Open Containing Folder. Zombie clip should be highlighted. Shutdown BI interface (and service if running as service) and you should be able to delete the clip. If you still can't delete, Explorer may have a...
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    2.8 vs 3.6

    Was just comparing the two yesterday. 2.8mm and 3.6mm from same mount location:
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    Price of conduit.

    It sure is. Been putting off re-roofing and just realized a 4x8' sheet of OSB is going for $82 at HD! When I checked last year they were $8.
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE Question #1

    Thanks VorlonFrog. I took your advice and deleted the camera. From there I deviated a bit and used the OK camera as a template for bringing back the deleted camera. It’s working as expected now. Yes, the beauty of BI is the incredible amount of settings, configurations and features available...
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE Question #1

    I have 2 IPC-T5442T-ZE cameras running under Blue Iris. A few days ago, the clips from one of the cameras started being stored in the sub-stream format while the other camera continues to store clips in the mainstream format. Previously, both cameras had mainstream format clips. Settings look...
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    Amcrest Vs UniView Cameras (Turret Style)

    FYI - The camera in your Amcrest link is the IP8M-T2599EW, not the IP8M-T2499EW This is the IP8M-T2499EW:
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    How To Upgrade Amcrest / Lorex to Dahua Firmware And Get All Dahua Features

    I haven't tried to return Amcrest firmware yet. I'm running the same Dahua version as you (V2.800.0000000.19.R, Build Date: 2020-06-28) and having no issues on high resolution through Blue Iris or the Web GUI. The camera arrived with firmware V2.800.00AC000.0.R,Build date: 2020-03-16, but I've...
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    Hikvision ColorVu + 4K (DS-2CD2087G2-L)

    This site appears to have the 4mm in stock but listed at $257. Anyone have experience with them?
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    Firmware - Just Ordered IPC-5442T-ZE

    I just got one yesterday from Andy's Amazon store and it came with firmware: V2.800.15OG002.0.R, Build Date: 2020-09-03
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    How To Upgrade Amcrest / Lorex to Dahua Firmware And Get All Dahua Features

    Thanks for the link, pozello. I do have a .bin of my original Amcrest FW, but Dahua FW says NOPE when trying to load through webGUI. I'll see if I can find the post where the process of returning to original was discussed. Meanwhile, I'll spend some quality time with the DaHua FW. I have a...
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    How To Upgrade Amcrest / Lorex to Dahua Firmware And Get All Dahua Features

    I used the WebGUI followed by a full factory reset. I took screen captures of almost all of the Amcrest menus, tabs and settings (may have missed a couple) prior to the switch to Dahua. But I didn't spend a lot of time using the cam in Amcrest mode. I may want to look into restoring the Amcrest...