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    Dahua IP Camera Reset

    You can also try the Dahua config tool. ConfigTool - Dahua Wiki
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    SD22204T-GN Firmware Update Issue

    Dave, sorry, I didn't have any luck finding firmware but mine was acting up similar to yours. I used the Dahua config tool to reset the camera and that seems to have fixed it. It might be worth a shot. Software Version 2.400.0000.4.R.T1.484, build : 2015-06-07 WEB Version ONVIF...
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    Some drone videos from the Florida Keys

    As I understand it from the Mavic pilots forum, you can't take off or land in National Parks, but you can take off and fly over the parks, the FAA controls the airspace. State parks could be a different story though.
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    Showdown At The Feeding Station

    I liked the eyes in the background approaching.
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    My hope is Q runs for, and is elected President of the USA in 2020. ;) ( Humor is allowed I hope)
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    Bicycle Thief

    A couple of thoughts, was that your dog barking? He was telling you something was going on out there. I wonder if the thief was a neighbor, he wasn't gone long between grabbing the bikes.
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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Brad, ONVIF device manager from sourceforge has 2 reset options and a firmware update option. It might be worth a try.
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    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Did you try ONVIF device manager?
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    Show me some of you ideas for hiding cameras.

    This may interest op. How do you like my wasp nest security camera?
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    Country Life.

    I hope that wasn't one of those high powered/over 1000fps pellet rifles.
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    Review-Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN 2mp 4X Mini PTZ

    Jim, the Starlight version is available, and you will notice a big difference between the 2 of them at night. Review Dahua OEM SD22204UE-GN by EmpireTech Andy
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    $149 for 4mp Poe Dahua cam? Too good to be true?

    Hi Ho Steverino, Here is the same one, I believe, but a starlight for $155-$165 from Andy. It does NOT have IR but will see it. Review Dahua OEM SD22204UE-GN by EmpireTech Andy
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    Video Enhancement Software?

    The original by Motion DSP was a program named Vreveal about 6 years ago. You can still find the older versions online for free. But I'm sure it doesn't compare to the new version.
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    Nighttime Critters

    Watching that, I thought it might have turned into an owl vs cat or kitten situation. I think it wouldn't have been good for the felines.
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    A Couple of Wildlife Captures

    Squirrels will raid bird nests and kill/eat baby birds.