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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Never heard of this insurance company but good for them, I hope they gain some customers
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Yeah probably gearing up for the elections - gotta keep the mail in fraud going. Everyone is predicting a huge red wave but who knows what kind of tricks the left is cooking up.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Funny tweet as the Jan 6 clown show continues:
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    Funny / Satire

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    Hello IPCT members from Quebec Canada

    Hello, welcome to the forum. I assure you your English is much better than my French. After qui and bonjour my French vocabulary is exhausted.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Does this mean they will turn off the cameras and the guards will disappear?
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    Hello from Ottawa Canada

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Cutting Down A Palm Tree

    I did not like climbing poles with those spikes back in the day, can't imagine doing it and using a chain saw.
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    New but Not So New

    There are quite a few options you can play around with too, it's a great app.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    I saw this T-shirt on Sharyl Attkisson's site, I wish I could have it and be wearing it if my liberal daughter comes over today. But instead, we will avoid politics.
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    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    I donated to Red Cross a few years ago and they asked me "how I identified". I thought that was ridiculous but things have gotten even worse since then:
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    Gas prices

    I know gas is high and has no doubt led to an increase in gas thefts but drilling into a gas tank is not a good idea: