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    Critique my network layout

    The only requiment for roaming is the wifi settings being the same (network name (SSID), key, encryption), so as long as all your APs support a matching configuration. Roaming is handled from the client side, so all the client needs is to see other APs announcing the same network.
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    Six Strand Pre-Terminated Single-Mode LC Fiber Optic Cable Installation Question on Wall Plate

    Technically, and mathematically, yes. That said, in my 20 years in enterprise networking, those devices are amongst the most bomb-proof gear I've used. I think I had 1 fail at some point. I've had some failures with them becoming unplugged (usually a simple barrel DC power plug)... I have a few...
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    New Residential Ubiquity Setup - Guidance Needed

    I use unifi at home (but not the USG), and enterprise gear at work (50k nodes worth). It's a nice alround package, but don't expect actual enterprise grade. Featurewise it sits above the usual SOHO boxes, and no other vendor I'm aware of has an integrated solution like it, at this pricepoint. I...
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    Questions on switches

    That's usually a design choice. With PoE typically comes a substatial increase in required power; so it can be a design consideration to allow for passive cooling and/or keep costs down. A small 8-port switch uses 5W or so by itself, so adding even 15W per port adds up quickly.
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    Server Rack..How would you clean this up?

    Either shorter cables, or longer cables in combination with some sort of cable management.
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    Hi everybody

    Correct. As a hospital, we keep most things on the network well separated. Both common sense and rather strict legal requirements :D.
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    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody, I'm a network engineer working at a university hospital in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Started to look into IP cameras from a home security point of view; at work my relation with them is strictly on the connectivity side of things. So far this forum has been very helpful in...
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    Questions on switches

    1. The switch needs a port for every device connected directly to it. Based on your drawing, I see 10 ports: 8 camera's, the router (the red link), and the BI PC. As mentioned above, the red link to the router could also be connected to a second NIC on the BI PC. 2. If your switchport doesn't...