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    Xmas porch pirate team 12/23

    She doesn't pick up the packages until she sees the getaway car right there, ready to pick her up, so that probably lessens her risk to some extent. Dirtbags! I hope they are both caught and effectively prosecuted.
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    I want a "sort of new" laptop.

    Although I added more RAM and a bigger SSD to the one I got, probably pushing the total price up to where I may well have found a similar deal all at once, I'm still loving this thing, and very happy with the purchase. I like the high resolution screen, and love that it has the backlit...
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    Increased FPS 25 on Dahua SD59225U-HNI smoothed auto tracking????

    That is a good find. And it shouldn't be surprising. If the frame rate we set not only sets the rate at which frames are compressed and streamed, but also sets the rate at which frames are captured by the camera and thus available to the camera's "brain" for use in performing tracking, then it...
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    This is pretty cool, why don't we have this fully deployed in the states?

    They say they are looking for folks using cell phones with their surveillance system. So how does one call 901 to make a report without being caught on camera using your cell phone? I can just see it. Citizen A is calling to report Citizen B who is calling to report citizen A....
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    Amazon Package Thiefs

    I couldn't do it with my garage, either. Some of the junk in there might topple over on the poor delivery guy, and I'd be in for a serious lawsuit.
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    Students with bath

    Industrious, though. Those things can be heavy!
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    Why does this come to mind?
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    Lazy Neighbor Pushes My Trash Can With His Truck / Caught On Video

    Luckily ours at home are some sort of heavy plastic. But I know what you mean! I work late nights, often well into the wee hours. I come home at 2 to 4 am, want to haul out my trash, but stage it in my garage until a more reasonable hour so I don't bug the neighbors. However, at work we have...
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    Lazy Neighbor Pushes My Trash Can With His Truck / Caught On Video

    One of life's many little inconveniences that, when thought of in the big picture, makes one glad he doesn't have real problems! :) I'm convinced that humans evolved to face constant mortal danger and solve life-threatening problems pretty much every day during most of our 1.8 to 2.0 million...
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    None of us can ever look at an RV the same way now! :)
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    smart IR issue explained

    Excellent weiteup Most security camera users come into this with no background in photography. Unfortunately, a basic understanding of exposure and photo lighting is required to get the best use from their security cameras just as it is for any photography. And sadly, our security cameras are...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Remember that the cameras we all like, right now, such as the venerable Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS already have smart IR. In fact, people have been annoyed that smart IR was missing from some of the newer cameras, but a recent firmware update brought it back, but it's now called "auto IR" or...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Because existing external IR illuminators are not controlled by the camera itself. External "dumb" illuminators are a great idea and of great use. But we have to run separate power wiring to accommodate them. And they can't perform the "smart IR" functions. If the camera came with it's own...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    I think these are ideas the existing security camera makers need to think about and offer. Getting up to speed on the other 95% of security camera design would be a lot of work. I've owned a company that did electronics design and manufacturing. I wouldn't want to go up against these...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    It would depend on the exact situation. I figure if they gave you two remote heads with five feet of cable on each of them, you'd have a lot of flexibility. Let's say you're mounting the camera up under an eave, to the soffit (my current case for a number of my cams). But there is a fascia...