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    Error message in Blue Iris

    Fenderman, thanks for your assistance. We now have the camera online with the new server and Blue Iris.
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    Error message in Blue Iris

    Here are the results when I perform a Find/Inspect of the camera. Does this information indicate onvif is activated? Opening port 80... HTTP Get / request... OK ONVIF GetSystemDateAndTime 2019-02-26T15:10:52.000Z Requesting device information... Manufacturer: ONVIF Model...
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    Error message in Blue Iris

    We are attempting to move 34 Hikvision cameras from an older DVR using an older version of Hikvision software to a new server with Blue Iris. Most of the cameras have been detected by Blue Iris and are functioning properly, however, we have a few cameras that we can ping, but will not display...
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    Camera settings
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    Camera error message