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    Sentry still around?

    Still no reply? I would have thought since this is a paid service and the abundance of potential competition about to hit the market once BI allows third party hooks and integrates their own AI, Sentry would put more emphasis on customer service and PR...?
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    Sentry Server Error

    Yes i've been getting the same for the past week or so. It seems like Sentry is starting to go down hill in customer service, promises, new functionality and even providing a solid product :( Really disappointing as the product was rock solid and looked really promising.... especially because...
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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    @GentlePumpkin wirh the latest version of BI ken has made a change which will allow a new URL trigger variable. The new variable is &trigger&memo=text which allows up to 35 characters to be stored. This is great because it allows you to specify keywords ie “person” or “dog” or the actual...
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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    Also, is there a way to 'reset' the stats tab/information?
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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    Also, is there any way to modify the URL trigger so that it 'flags' the alert? Furthermore, it would be great if you could add a description in the alerts panel where it normally says "Motion A" or "external" to include the RELEVANT triggers, i.e. "Person, cat", or, "Dog" or whatever is revelant...
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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    Is there any way to add text to the telegram alerts and not just the image? i.e. what was detected. what time, what confidence level, etc.?
  7. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Thanks. But if you are using sentry, I am guessing you will need a decent resolution to detect 'people', etc.?
  8. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I thought it was used for the motion detector AND the live camera group?
  9. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Technical question please: What is the best setup for optimal CPU vs motion detection rate? Should I set my sub-streams to 1920x1080 at 5fps OR should I go for lower resolution such as 704x576 at say 10-15FPS?
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    Bug in - motion detector and substreams?

    Hi, It seems there is a bug with the sub streams and motion detection. Is it a bug or a misunderstanding on my end? Steps to replicate: 1. Create zones under primary stream … say half the screen. 2. Couple of motions get detected etc… normal behaviour. 3. Activate sub-stream 4. If you look...
  11. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    bit of a weird issue for me... when i setup substreams I setup now motion detection rules... I came from A, B, C, D, E zones to just a simple "A" zone. However, whenever I playback the last motion detection, it seems that it is still adopting the OLD motion detection rules (zone crossing)...
  12. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    That's great news. Okay - i'll reconfigure all my zones and motion detection. Quick question - what is the recommended FPS for accurate motion detection? For my 24/7 recording i've got it on 20fps (my front door is set to 25fps as it looks a little nicer). Currently to lower CPU i've set my...
  13. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    "You may now specify a second “sub” stream for an RTSP camera. The software will pull video from both streams, using the main stream only for audio and direct-to-disc recording (and playback) and the sub-stream for everything else. This really has become a necessity with the popularity of 4K...
  14. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I hope not???? Can someone please confirm?