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    Blue Iris PTZ help

    The reason you can't move them is because the LNE9292BW-4PK is not a ptz model.. 4K (8MP) Motorized Varifocal Smart IP White Dome Security Camera with 4x Optical Zoom, Real-Time 30FPS Recording and Listen-In Audio (4-pack)
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    Can't get cameras to sync correctly with proper time all the time

    NTP is utc only, so dst is handled by the devices itself.
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    Reolink RLC-520 Unable to change to Static IP Address...

    @glenwood is right. Cant do that.
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    Out For A Walk

    That was also my first thought.
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    Pi-hole and OpenVPN

    I run Pihole in a virtual machine on my server and openvpn on my opnsense router, different devices but sort of the same situation.
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    Pi-hole and OpenVPN

    You shouldn't have a any problems using your asus router as your openvpn server while running pihole on a pi
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    DMSS , not really HD quality

    To me it sure looks like full quality. Did you press the HD/SD button?
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    Looking for ways to view my cameras in every room besides using and relying on phones and tablets.

    I have option 2 but from gofanco. Which can do 'one to many'. I bought this kit from amazon and a couple of RX's. Works great
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    I have a network/PoE mystery on my hands

    You could just crimp new plugs on it, you never know
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    How do you guys keep track of your IP cams, passwords etc?

    For passwords: Bitwarden. For the rest excel sheet
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    I have a network/PoE mystery on my hands

    Maybe try switching cables between the keystones at dmarc to ensure which part of the run is bad. Like @SpacemanSpiff mentioned it could be that the camera is powered but there is a break in RX/TX. POE wiki, check the pinout part
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    Blueiris or NVR?

    Your grass is already the greenest, there are a bunch of threads on this. Especially a variety of brands will give you a headache on a nvr
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    Substream showing cropped in BI, but not VLC.

    Isn't the BI screen just zoomed in? Not behind BI right now but i believe you can use the scroll wheel.
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    Wired LAN Speed

    You might want to remove this picture, it shows your public ip