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    Installing Wired Cameras

    This is actually a pretty good idea that I didn't think of. I kind of tossed out the idea of a box because I didn't want it to be heavier and make the camera stick out so far, but likely it wont be an issue attached to the vertical board and not the soffit. Then the cable coming out of the box...
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    Installing Wired Cameras

    Thanks for your reply. However maybe you've misunderstood. I'm just looking for advice on the installation in my soffit. The cameras, features, and configuring night vision aren't a problem. Thanks! Not sure how high the pictures make the soffit look, but it's a single story, probably around...
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    Installing Wired Cameras

    Hello! I'm setting up some wired cameras for the first time (to replace some Arlo wireless cameras that are total garbage). I've poked around here and other places for best practices, and I just wanted to get a final plan in place for the new cameras. I'm considering either some Unifi...