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    Excellent customer service!

    These guys are top-shelf. I recently went through the RMA process on a product with them after it seemed like there was a strange hardware fault with it. Tech support worked with me and were very responsive. Finally, we decided to RMA and that process was super quick as well, and completely...
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    Mountin camera in soffit

    I think that is a full time color camera. If the lens cannot even see the light or anything reflected closely off it I think you’ll be just fine. You could test with a temporary mount—eg tape the camera to a thin piece of ply that is wedged between the flashing across the soffit.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Fraud so obvious that of the dozens of cases submitted in multiple states not a single one has found for trump. SCOTUS also will not find in his favor. Count on it.
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    possible mail thief

    Nice cam placement!
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    Starlink satellite internet

    awful company. I had three units on the two year contract and when I ordered one more they wanted a full reset of two years on everything. When I did cancel they slammed my mailbox for years begging me back (never, ever).
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    I have pi running OpenVPN. If it’s just serving as a DNS server to block ads I should be able to get it to run pihole also, right? I assume set router’s DNS to reference the IP of the pi, so that any new device that defers to router’s dns automatically now uses the pihole? finally, does this...
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    Monoprice cable recall

    ANY company can have quality issues and eventually 100% of them will. The fact monoprice is eating the labor is shocking. Based on what inread in that link if it were me I’d not lose a second sleep over it, nor do anything for cable already run.
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    Im confused

    Not that I've seen; you can click people's threads and watch videos they embed or post on youtube without paying anything.
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    Im confused

    Based on your other thread it seems you have hikvision cameras and you're trying to watch the video on them. presumably somebody set these up for you and offered some guidance...? As for paying, no you wouldn't have to do that.
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    Outdoor POE Switch

    Really nice. I've not used them but nelly's promotes IPCampower products. I see there is an IPCampower branded switch that takes one POE input and outputs two POE as well. It's a small unit, and cheap enough that if it failed outside it wouldn't be the end of the world. I bet in a weatherproof...
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    New to LPR? Considerations Before You Begin

    This thread was the final motivation I needed. Bought a HFW5241E-Z12E from Andy a week back. Currently playing with settings, but somebody on amazon said it likes 1/500 and HLC @ 85% at night. I set that as night setting, and nothing comes through--even a dim solar light on a neighbor's lawn...
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    Outdoor PoE Terminations and Corrosion

    I can’t see the point to electrical tape. I doubt it will seal any better than the sealed connections all the cameras come with (with the twist seal gasket and rubber crimp thingy around the Ethernet cable). Dielectric isn’t a bad idea, but at least in my very limited experience (three cams...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    In all my years watching politics I can truly say I’ve never seen so many people fall for so many lies. And such obvious ones so easily debunked. Sad that millions of Americans are now perfectly content to elevate baseless hearsay, which continues to be summarily shut down by courts, as fact...
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    Found this place after two weeks searching for a system

    You can also run a system with no NVR at all, even a PC based one. Most cameras now have Micro SD slots. You can store all footage there and configure the camera directly through the website that the camera hosts, at its IP address your network gives it. This is the approach I currently use and...