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    New Dahua install

    Thanks Fenderman. I have a lot to learn...
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    New Dahua install

    O.. and why not the NVR5416/5432/5464-16P-4KS2? It has PoE..
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    New Dahua install

    Nice setup! Just my 2cts: Why the Dahua NVR5416-4Ks2 NVR, with 2 MP camera's? With a NVR like that, I would go for (at least) 4MP camera's. Those camera's will be hanging there for a while, I suppose. In the meantime your tv, montor etc. will be replaced for ones with higher resolutions (up to...
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    Hello from Leiden, The Netherlands.

    Hi all, I am from Leiden, The Netherlands (the city that harboured The Pilgrimfathers a little while a go:)). I know a few things about IP-camera's, but there is probably a lot more to learn...