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    Control 4 or Savant Automation?

    Have any of you integrated your surveillance system with Control 4 or Savant Automation?
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200430 Latest new firmware

    You would think there would be firmware versions that are recently updated and trustworthy.
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    IPC-T3241T-ZAS SMD 3.0 Latest new firmware IPC-HX3XXX-Leo_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.26.R.210421

    We should be able to confidently install new firmware versions without fear of bricking the cam and without major functions breaking, such as focus. If it’s Beta it should be obvious and if it’s an official release there should be no problems of significance since that version was well tested.
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200430 Latest new firmware

    I wonder what version is safe to use. One guy said he had no trouble with v15. He said it was the latest official and public release from Dahua.
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    Which Bells Reign Supreme?

    DsineR, my apologies, rest assured that I appreciate your contribution to this thread however I’m not seeing a date, perhaps this is related to the mobile version of the site. Here’s what my over-priced iPhone shows before listing doorbell cams. Also, some if not all of the missing brands could...
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    Which Bells Reign Supreme?

    Do you know when that article was written? I hate when their is no date... More importantly, important contenders are absent, where is the: amcrest, rca, hikvision, Dahua and Ubiquiti UNIFI Protect doorbells? I wonder what the real contenders are. Sadly this consumer reports data seems useless.
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    Which Bells Reign Supreme?

    Is there a certain doorbell or two that stands above the rest? It would be great to see a shootout amongst the top contenders.
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200430 Latest new firmware

    which one Is “this” one?
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    UNIFI Protect NVR

    But raid-5 does allow a loss of a disk without losing any data where jbod has zero redundancy.
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    UNIFI Protect NVR

    What would have been a better storage configuration?
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    UNIFI Protect NVR

    Any chance that this NVR will allow integration with existing Dahua ipcams like the 5231 or 5442? Thanks!
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    Review - IPC-L26N WiFi Floodlight Camera

    Hey, you have crown moulding on the exterior of your house, wow, I never thought about that but it looks good--fancy! :) So, are you still liking it? It has two-way audio...?
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    Dahua, Single Mount, Dual-Camera?

    Hmmm... I'm not sure if my HOA would allow something that looks like a pair of tits staring back at them.... :) Seriously though, the image quality of the humans at night were very low contrast. What do you do, mount two cams on most or all corners? Thanks!
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    I like the idea of a critter cam, something mounted down low I would assume..... Where do you mount your critter cams? Recommended cams or use whatever is not critically in use elsewhere?
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    Flood Lights & IPCams Don't Mix?

    I always thought that a motion-activated flood light would seriously blow out the IPcam image for a while (possibly critical moments) as the auto-iris corrects. So, is there a way to make this work? I see that Dahua has this Floodlight cam, and as I mentioned I always thought these two items...