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    Bricked Amcrest

    In case there is any doubt that IPCT is an authorized retailer - Authorized Retailers :iloveipct:
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    Bricked Amcrest

    I just blocked reolink from advertising here! Thanks for letting me know
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    Bricked Amcrest

    This is obviously in error. I reached out again and directed them to this thread.
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    Bricked Amcrest

    I have sent an email to some of my contacts at Amcrest regarding this matter, hopefully they chime in here soon. They have always been responsive to me.
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    Is there a complete list of cameras that fit the PFA130-E junction box?

    You are the brains (and @mat200) behind it, feel free to modify it as you please! Would you like to give it a try with this or would you like me to do it? As a IPCT Plus member and also Contributor, you have access to edit the wiki. Don't be shy, if you break it just let me know and I'll fix it :)
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Blue Iris only has 9 macros
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    Support email problem

    Definitely seems to be on your end :)
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    Support email problem

    Send me a PM with the bounce back reply (specifically the header)
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    This is how accidents happen!

    Probably some idiots trying to become "TikTok" famous. Does that make me sound old?
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    Wifi flood light camera combo

    Should definitely be able to hide the wires with vinyl siding, or in the soffit or something. Where in PA?
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    Wifi flood light camera combo

    What area are you in? If you're close to me I can do it for you.
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    Wifi flood light camera combo

    I'm not sure that exists, but we have this which doesn't have wifi - Could always hook it up to an access point.
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    IPCT Introducing IPCT Plus! Ad-free experience, Blue Iris Cloud & much more

    Records that can be saved, such as calculator results, IP lookups, open port results, etc.
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome from NY also
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    Amcrest camera purchase

    :headbang::thumb: :clap: