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    Help! Need to catch mice or rats on camera at night!

    I tried to do the same thing when I found rat droppings in the engine bay of both cars. With IR I didn't get the contrast difference needed to set off motion detect. It sucked to do this, but I found the most reliable way to see them was to scrub thru the video at an acceptable speed and I...
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    Low Quality with H264 Re-Encode

    According to the tech specs for the IP8M-2696EW, you have a third stream at 1080p, all you're doing by having Blue Iris do something different that what the camera stream is providing is asking for trouble and no video when you need it most, pull the third stream.
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    Blue Iris Alternatives

    Another indicator your setup may need attention is when you posted your CPU and memory usage. I don't know what your cameras are, but you have an i7 8700 CPU with 16GB of memory, and your CPU is 15-20% and memory is using 4GB. Is this a dedicated computer for NVR? I'm only noting this because...
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    Blue Iris Alternatives

    Currently using BIv4 and Geniusvision. I am testing to replace Geniusvision due to lack of active development, specifically H.265 support. I (mostly) follow best practices and have a dedicated PC for NVR. I run Win10Pro to use the group policies to dictate how the OS runs so my system runs...
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    Blue Iris Alternatives

    Agreed. BIv5 is actively being developed, some updates may be stable, others not. What you are experiencing may be a symptom and not the cause. You may be better served by diagnosing your current issue rather than finding a replacement. You may find yourself in the same situation with a...
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    Blue Iris Alternatives

    Hi Niel, I may be able to help. Are you using Blue Iris v4 or v5? Why are looking for a change? What features are you looking for in NVR software that you aren't getting now? I'd like more information on what your needs are rather than launching into a huge dissertation on why I don't like...
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    Spectrum raise internet prices again (2021)?

    It did go up $5/month for users with internet service only (no cable tv service/package discount). There is no cap according to the documentation on their site. I did see a notice, in very fine print, in the emailed bill.
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    Running Great Until Export

    Can you educate me on how this is done? Export to .avi, no re-encode, choose Blue Iris software as the playback program.
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    Running Great Until Export

    How do you digital zoom on an exported .mp4 clip?
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    Running Great Until Export

    bp2008, sidebar question but topic related: I have BI v4, and I'm pretty sure BI v5 doesn't have this (yet), but is there a way to clip video and export as BVR file to retain digital zoom on the saved clip when played back in BI? If no, how would one go about requesting to add a feature that...
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    Running Great Until Export

    So you mean to un-select the re-encode option on the export?
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    Running Great Until Export

    This seems to apply to your issue when exporting, I didn't see if you mentioned if you were running BI v4 or v5, but I would imagine they would be the same. Did you apply the inactive profile to turn off the live view when you are exporting video clips? If this is only during exporting, try...
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    Unable to eliminate video "traces" during movement

    Did you try defaulting the camera settings? Did this recently start or always done this? Made any changes recently to either the camera settings or recording software? Try a firmware update?
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    Custom home build must haves?

    Wow, wish I knew half of this when we built our house 15 years ago. If I may also take liberty in going a little off topic but someone may come up with something of interest worth following up on. There are some fantastic ideas here that I will investigate if we ever do another build or even...
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    How to configure Night/Day with different settings?

    Have you considered just changing the light fixture? I don't think you're going to find any camera settings that will compensate for an unshielded light source that close and that bright. If you like the camera where it is, then maybe switch the light source to something with more flexibility...