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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Using the camera as a skycam to do timelapse. It has the 2.8mm lens. Night time shots are pretty good ,it can see stars that I can't! Looking to do a lens swap to 2.1mm. Took it apart and noticed it is not a M12 threaded lens. Anyone have any information on the lens standard this camera is...
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    Review: Dahua IPC-HDW5442TM-AS (Loryta IPC-T5442TM-AS) (4MP Starlight+)

    Quote, "As a Weather Camera I ran this as a weather camera for a couple of weeks, side-by-side with an IPC-HFW4239T-ASE (2MP Full Color Starlight), both configured to allow maximum exposure time (1/3 second) and gain to achieve brighter night images. Here are timelapse videos from each."...
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    Thermal image shows the dual camera next to a Dahua 4X mini PTZ dome. The PTZ is a few degrees warmer. Both cameras have been up for several months without any problems. Outside temp was about 90 degrees.
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    Any tips on pole mounting a PTZ?

    This will work. May be more than you want to spend. Very strong and not much sway at lower wind speeds. Texas Towers, Universal Tower 9-30 Page
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    Using PVC to build a budget pole for a PTZ

    Texas Towers, Universal Tower 4-30 Page It may be a little more than you want to spend, but it is a fold over tower, and sooner or later you WILL need to service the camera. Do you want to climb a 30 ft. pole? Add a TV antenna if you need it.
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    WTS Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel NVR

    It comes with both the euro and the usa power plugs. The usa plug is still attached to the power supply which was not pictured.
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    WTS Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel NVR

    Not right now. Thanks for the offer.
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    WTS Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel NVR

    -No longer available- Thanks! Selling a "like new" NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel 1U 4K & H.265 Pro Network Video Recorder. This was purchased from Andy about 2 weeks ago. I need more channels and dual NIC's and am going with the NVR5432-4KS2. Firmware version 3.215.0000000.3 build date...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Ya, that is the one I am using, just posted the wrong link! I still does not say specifically what to do with "changeme". Sorry for the basic questions, this vpn stuff is new to me.
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Could not get the Asus working, so now I will will try to install OpenVPN on the camera computer.(which is what I should of done in the first place!) During the setup it is asking for information: set KEY_CN=changeme set KEY_NAME=changeme set KEY_OU=changeme set PKCS11_MODULE_PATH=changeme...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Router behind a router is the problem, and unfortunately there is no way to disable NAT and DHCP in the Pace 5031NV-030!
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Tried it without the port forward, but noticed on the Asus when DDNS was set up, it came up with this message: "The wireless router currently uses a private WAN IP address." "This router may be in the multiple-NAT environment and DDNS service cannot work in this environment." Not sure what...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Looking for a little guidance on setting up OpenVPN on an Asus router connected an AT&T Pace 5031NV-030 gateway. The goal is to use only one computer (PC) on the network to connect. (Andriod Phone - Pace gateway - Asus router/OpenVPN - PC). Followed this guide to setup the Asus router...
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    Dedicated License Plate Cam project

    Seems to happen a lot around dusk and dawn.