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    ConfigTool Mobile Dahua on android!

    ....Not a chance. I don't install any phone apps that have less than a few hundred thousand previous DLs or reviews...I let the other suckers try them out first.
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    Should this work with any Dahua camera? For instance, my 5231z
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    F-ing Spider Webs!

    AARRGGHHH!, Dang tiny floating spider webs already this spring causing dozens of falsies! I hate them and cannot ever figure out how to adjust setting to avoid these triggers from webs or the spider itself or other flying creatures. Using zones is useless, contract change value, no use, nor...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Way better pandemic movie... Brad AND Bruce!
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    May possibly be based on modeling \ percentage prediction and current population...The lady already backtracked a bit.
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    Tips for minimising false alerts

    How do you connect motion sensors to BI other than through the camera I/Os...if they have them. My 5321s do not. If you are referring to the Digital IO and IoT tab discussed in the help file that lets BI "interact with external systems or hardware devices" using Adruino boxes, Sealevel?, com...
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    Can I recover deleted BI clips?

    Yeah, I was trying to see some contractor activity at a specific time that day. There is a lot of space on the drive but being a week later, odds of even partial overwrite are probably high I'd think as I believe it is a random thing what available drive space is used. oh well, lesson learned.
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    Can I recover deleted BI clips?

    I have a camera set to record 24/7. BI breaks recordings into 1 hr clips. I have a new 8TB hard drive, so it has plenty of space for several weeks...problem is when I went to review some of the clips from 2/12 I noticed it only went back to 2/13...Then I realized I had the stored Clips and...
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    Tips for minimising false alerts

    So how \ where are you using this? Are you only triggering the camera when someone drives into your driveway across the sensor path or is it sensitive enough to trigger when someone walks by? I have several of the Dahua 5321s, popular on this site ...which have no sensor inputs so I get all...
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    Junction Box for the 70mm Square Mount Cameras

    That's pretty nice and clean! I'd like to install something similar, but horizontally...where do you find mfg spec instructions?
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    Tips for minimising false alerts

    There are lots of threads on optimizing your settings to avoid false alarms but IMO they do not make a huge difference...(or I'm just not doing it right either). Some cameras have PIR built into them instead of just video motion detection, but I do not know if they would be able to trigger BI...
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    Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows)

    I have not yet used SmartPSS or Amcrest Surv software. Does this work for any model cameras or only Dahua and Dahua rebrands?
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    Why do people keep their car door's unlocked, or

    The Po-Po won't even mess with a report here in St. Louis unless it is tied to a carjacking or murder...which seems to be more the norm in this city now...and even then there are so many nothing ever gets solved. A year or two ago a guy shot 2 kids stealing stuff out of his car and served no...
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    OpenALPR - No more free rides

    Drug dealers operate this same way...the candy is free...until you are hooked and really need it.
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    Why do people keep their car door's unlocked, or

    My wife does it all the time....She says with nothing much of value inside, whatever someone takes would be cheaper than replacing a smashed window. :facepalm: