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    What feature(s) would you like to see in Blue Iris?

    Thanks I tried the chrome shortcut on my phone (S8+), but When I click the shortcut it just sends it into an infinite login loop in chrome? I put in my ID & PW and selected "Log in Automatically", it attempts to log in, showing "logging in" then it says "redirecting" and repeats itself. Not...
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    What feature(s) would you like to see in Blue Iris?

    I'd like to see the Android app allow you to add shortcut buttons to individual cameras which would take you to a full screen view of a specific camera. So Instead of having to go into the app, wait for connect, select different cameras, I could just click the "Garage Camera" button or the...
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    How much P on a POE slitter?

    So that says, "48V Passive PoE and 12VDC outputs". Does this mean it would power the device connected to the 12VDC plug out but there would no longer be power going to the ethernet out? I would need something that does this but splits the power so both the camera connected to the ethernet...
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    Getting 1G internet soon!....What Wifi Router should I buy?

    So after years of living with max 4Mbps down \ 0.5Mbps up internet, my neighborhood is in the process of getting upgraded to 1G fiber, (Supp 1G down max \ but "only 100Mbps up forsome reason?). My current Wifi router is an old Asus rt-N65U (and also using the Centurylink router wifi and a...
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    Look at all these cameras

    What's with the orange flood lights on during the day? I've seen orange ones next to cameras in parking garages before too. What do they do that a regular flood light or bright IR would not accomplish?
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    What’s in your garage ?

    My garage is a similar slightly larger size. I use an American Dynamics Illustration 825 model 5mp fisheye with internal de-warping right in the middle on the ceiling. It covers the entire area with the fisheye view and allows for 4 additional de-warped views. It's like 5 cameras in one and...
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    Review-Dahua PSDW5631S-B360 panoramic 360 camera.

    @looney2ns what does this look like mounted to the ceiling? If you still have it up can you add a pic? How far soes it hang down from the ceiling? (Overall height of the device?)
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    The rant against Ring

    We have a ring doorbell cam on my mom's house and I am very UNimpressed with the performance for all of the reasons mentioned by others and more. Another family member bought it as a gift. She does not have a budget and no one has the time or wants to bother setting up and managing a real...
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    $2M House Install (est. 1925)

    I really like the gargoyle cam idea a few posts back!
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    Reason 4,986 to lock your doors at all times

    I put my cc on a magnet attached to the underside of the steering column for immediate access in the vehicle. So lots of recent vehicle thefts in "safe" neighborhoods around me too lately. One guy lost his Ferrari...most all of them were not only unlocked but with keyfob IN the car! IMO that...
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    How SD card recordings work?

    Local news story a year or so ago caught some bad cops on camera ripping out and destroying a business's cameras and NVR...but they had installed a full 2nd system w tiny hidden cameras. Not as good quality recordings but got the job done in this case. Just another example for backup.
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    Zoom vs resolution

    This model seems pretty popular on the forum and is 12x optical zoom 2MP (5.3mm ~64mm 12x) IPC-HFW5231E-Z12
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    IPCT IPCT Camera Blowout Sale! 4K bullets for $99, Varifocals for $149, mini domes for $99 & more!

    Do you have any pic and video samples or independent reviews of the 8mp bullet? And sensor specs too please.
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    My hope for the coming year is that my 20 yr old kitty stays strong and lives long enough for me to install my dahua cams and catch him doing something cute and memorable in the yard. With a mini ptz I could track and zoom him.
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    Anyone else have Yi?

    Wow, seriously you took a photo with your email address and what looks like a password in the pic?! :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: