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    Annke Wifi NVR camera pinout colours

    I've looked at the Hikvision pinout colours and none seem to tie in with the colours on the Annke camera. I've attached some photos of the camera im struggling with.
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    Annke Wifi NVR camera pinout colours

    Ive got a damaged ethernet plug on a Annke L31V Wifi camera. Anyone know the pinout colours to allow me to fit a new plug. I dont have the old plug anymore. Thanks
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    Connecting ONVIF IP camera to WiFi NVR

    Im trying to add a couple of cheap IP/cloud based cctv cameras to my wifi nvr system but having issues. The cameras are advertised as being ONVIF compliant but it seems to be hit a miss if i can detect them on my NVR when the ethernet cable is plugged in. When i do detect them and try to 'match...