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    Hikvision alternatives for home security?

    I guess your after a unicorn system, easy setup & installation with zero maintenance and no networking skills required.
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    REVIEW- Dahua SD1A404XB-GNR 4MP AI mini PTZ

    Wow thanks guys, great to see the new reviews.
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    Review of the Hikvision OEM model IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' IP CCTV camera.

    Couple of images of the IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' Camera. Unboxed earlier in the week, quick setup and returned to box until I get time to install. Out of the box first impressions of the images @ night were impressive. This camera has very good low light color ability. Below: Balanced camera...
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    My DH-SD8A840WA-HNF arrived earlier in week.Another impossibly fast delivery from Andy. So bummed out that I'm super busy, had to put back in box, after 5 min test.... :(
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    Lazy Neighbor Pushes My Trash Can With His Truck / Caught On Video

    Why are the bins on the road? We do it something like this.... FWIW I would just put the bin in front of my driveway to avoid hassles with neighbors.
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    Hola ayuda

    ¿La herramienta de restablecimiento de Hikvision ayuda aquí?
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    NVR not Seeing PTZ

    New PTZ has to be set up. Take a look at the cliff notes. You could try the SADP Tool. T
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    What is "The Cloud"? (just humor, not help)

    Thanks for the laugh. #ChuckysChubster
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    4K Battle: Dahua IPC-HFW1831E vs IPC-HFW2831T-ZS

    Aha that's gold. :)
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    4K Battle: Dahua IPC-HFW1831E vs IPC-HFW2831T-ZS

    Appreciate the hard work that's gone into this video and your other videos. Subscribed YT! I see you have some Home Assistant video's too.
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    4K Battle: Dahua IPC-HFW1831E vs IPC-HFW2831T-ZS

    I'll back the IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS. On paper its a slight underdog, but, mmmmmm varifocal. :P
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    What is the difference between IPC-HFW5442T-AS-LED vs IPC-HFW5442T-ASE-NI?

    I think you will find the main difference between these two models is the Illumination. IPC-HFW5442T-AS-LED Full-color / LED Illumination IPC-HFW5442T-ASE - ePoE model with IR Illumination
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    LPR with sofware

    OpenALPR is popular.
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    EmpireTech's got Hikvision Cameras?! (IPC-T2347G-LU)

    Exactly, so it's not an always on supplemental light. :D