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    Review- New Design Tendelux 10 Watt IR illuminator.

    Thank you for your post and review. I like it a lot, it looks like a really clean design. Some models are ugly as $h!t and I would not want them mounted on my house. I am going to buy one to try out.
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    New Screen capture recording feature.

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    No Uplink Port on POE Switch? Huh?

    I would hook it up on a test bench setup first, like 6' cables near the camera/PC to make sure it is working and configured properly before troubleshooting the long cable run.
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    Looking for a recommendation.

    Start by reading the Cliff Notes. :welcome: When I came here was planning on Hikvision and NVR. After lots of research decided on Dahua (EmpireTech) and Blue Iris. Been recording 24/7/365 for over a year, 100% happy, would not change if I could go back and do it over which says a lot.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Pandemic of the unvaccinated April 2022 edition; According to OHA, vaccine breakthrough cases represented more than half of the total number of COVID-19 cases in April. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported Thursday that there were 18,608 positive COVID-19 cases in...
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    Greetings from PNW

    PNW to PNW saying hello. Lots of friendly and helpful people here. :welcome:
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    Where to buy HFW5241E-Z12E?

    Buy it from Empire Tech (AKA Andy), buy it direct or via Amazon Loryta is the Empire Tech rebrand of the Dahua OEM.
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

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    Review- 4mp Pinhole Camera Dahua/EmpireTech with 2.8mm lens

    Thank you for the review. I can see a lot of uses for this, I will be buying one.
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    Need help choosing the right switch

    Was going to mention Netgear and it looks like you have one on the way.
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    Is the 5442 series still the best?

    They have been EOL for quite some time. Still available.
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    Is the 5442 series still the best?

    No/not yet. Probably not coming either. HIK offers a 1/1.2 as I recall but it is larger that the 5442 turret. Oops, looks like the second camera linked is offered in a turret, I am not up on that model.
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    Is the 5442 series still the best?

    I still believe they are the best value based on price and compact size. I am getting ready to add a fourth one.
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    Mounting Bullet Cameras To Rafter/Truss Tail

    I see no issue with structural integrity. What kind (brand/model) of a camera? Is there a factory mount available for what you are intending to mount? Read the cliff notes for installation and pay attention to water proofing.
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    Can’t decide between two different cameras.

    Unless funds are real tight, buy a 5442, the EmpireTech Andy models offer fantastic value. The 5442 is in wide use by a lot of users on this site so any questions are promptly answered. I have three, two in use, one not mounted. I run color 24/7 with LED streetlights near my home. Mine have...