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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Same deal is @ Newegg as well. LaView PDB1520F1 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Laview Wireless Video Doorbell Camera, 1080P HD Security Camera 180 degree Wide Angle, IP54 Weatherpoof Motion Detection WDR Night Vision (16GB SD Card Included) - EDIT: Looks like the Frog beat me to it :)
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Thanks for the report! How did you feel about the 105 degree horizontal FOV? seem too narrow for me.
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    The viewing angle on this thing is terrible (for a doorbell camera), 105 degrees...