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    The Police Chase Video That Never Happened

    Check out cyberlink powerdirector. I find it to be a good medium between simple movie maker and much harder resolve / sony vegas
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    Reolink RLC 410 and Blue Iris

    I haven't seen issues running either High profile or Baseline. I'm sure Dahua works great, I don't have much experience with them however. If I had bought a couple cameras of any brand and had continuous problems, I'd probably feel the same way as other people here. I'm just stating that I...
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    Reolink RLC 410 and Blue Iris

    I can understand the negativity due to lack of support from the mfgr. But stating as fact that Reolink cameras do not work with BI is a flat out lie. I have three setups that use many reolinks along with other brands and they work. I wouldn't have bought them if they didn't. My home has 2 x...