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    Foscam FI9936 / FI9926 recovery image

    Hi, Does anyone have the recovery image for FI9936 (EU) / FI9926 ? And also procedure for installing it using SD card? Suspect my cam failed during FW upgrade. Sindre
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    Alternatives for Live Cams Pro on iOS?

    Thank you. Foscam VMS works great on desktop and laptop. But I cannot find it for iPhone? Guess you mean the official Foscam app for iphone? What I dont like with that is that its not going directly too the IPCam as Livecams etc. resulting lag. Sindre
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    What happened to Live Cams Pro on iOS?

    Hi, Any reccomandations for which app for iOS is best now when Livecams pro is gone? I use Foscam cameras. BR, Sindre
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    Alternatives for Live Cams Pro on iOS?

    Hi, I recently found out that the EGGMAN TECHNOLOGIES INC. Live Cams Pro for iOS is not on apple store anymore. I would say this was one of the best iOS apps for streaming Foscam IPcams through the years. Unfortunately this app is no longer on the app store, anyone know why? Which iOS apps do...