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    A few basic questions about IR lights

    A few years ago when I bought some 4k Dahua cameras direct from China I also bought some IR lights. The housings were half-spherical, about 2 or 3 inches in diameter, some had a face full of small regular-sized LED's, others had 4 high-power led's with lens in front of them. Both types of...
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    Dahua's Main Competitor Is... Dahua!

    I've got a few IPC-HDW4431C-A that are about 3.5 years old now and they get the job done. I'm sort-of in the market for a few more cams - I'm curious about this "active deterrence" thing - what is it, how does it work? Also, are there any cheap 2 to 4 mp cameras that have IR motion-sensor...
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    Dahua Camera Question

    Buy a separate IR light (they are relatively cheap and can be very powerful) and position it in an adjacent window that is facing the area you want to light up. This could even be in a window in another room. Put the light right up against the window, use tape or something to keep it there...
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    HDW4431C constantly trying to contact a china IP address

    Based on packet capture, the camera is attempting to perform a WSSE logon to the dahua P2P cloud service ( This document: happens to describe what the camera is doing. See...
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    HDW4431C constantly trying to contact a china IP address

    Like I said, I have 2 such cameras (ordered same time from same vendor) the only difference is one has 2.8 lens the other has 3.6 lens. The 3.6 lens has firmware 2.420.0000.21.R, Build Date: 2016-07-24 The 2.8 lens has firmware 2.420.0000.17.R, build : 2016-03-13 The one trying to contact...
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    HDW4431C constantly trying to contact a china IP address

    These are cameras that I want to be able to access from a few remote locations without using VPN. My ER3 router is blocking the camera's internet access from all but a very small set of IPv4 locations. I take it then that there is no known legit reason (ie some config setting) for the camera...
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    HDW4431C constantly trying to contact a china IP address

    I have a pair of IPC-HDW4431C-A bought directly from China in 2016 with english firmware. They have different lenses and their firmware might be slightly different. The one in question has firmware 2.420.0000.17.R, build : 2016-03-13. I've configured my router to allow the cameras to connect...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Does this camera do sound-level triggered photo (email) and/or recording to SD card?
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Where are the IR lights? This camera is supposed to have 2, yet I don't see any in the photos. Also on-line pictures (like on ebay) showing this camera I don't see any IR lights on the front.
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    Vstarcam G96 - anyone know anything about these?

    I picked up something today (yes, I bought 2 cameras today) called a Vstarcam G96 (also for $30 CAD). It has no ethernet port. It's kind cool - it has bidirectional audio (build-in speaker) and SD card slot. When it's powered up it acts like an open wifi access point. So I connect to it, and...
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    Swann SW-Viewcam (need to change language from Chinese to English)

    I picked up something called a Swann SW-Viewcam today (for $30 CAD) from a local retailer that sells a lot of "refurbished" electronics. The camera is spec'd at 720P and it looks like the older D-Link DCS-9XX cameras. It has an SD-card slot (which is nice). I see that it is referred to by...
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    Front Door Camera Placement (Advice Need it)

    I would advise your relative to move. Doesn't look like an area worth protecting / monitoring. Unless maybe you want to know if it's the right (vs wrong) gang member or drug dealer showing up at your door.
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    HDW4631C-A or 4433 or 2MP Starlight - what to buy?

    I've spent some time looking for video's or articles showing examples of low-light / no-light night-time images from digital cameras with IR filter removed. I didn't know that pro photography used modified DSLR's with IR filter removed but with specialty IR external filters and image...
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    Amcrest 1080P WiFi PTZ POE IP Camera PTZ 25x Optical Zoom Dahua OEM Sony Starvis Sensor, IP2M-858W

    > Please see the description written by the author of the video. I thought you (mat200) was the author of the video? You posted it - didn't you? Where is the description written by the author of the video? I don't see it.
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    HDW4631C-A or 4433 or 2MP Starlight - what to buy?

    "After IR filter removal the colors are incorrect and the whole image is tinted purple. Then the camera changes the image to BW (by software) to get rid of these false colors." The color-tint issue being described is presumably happening with the camera being exposed to out-door daylight...