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    Hikvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE

    how much shipped to USA?
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    Need 5 Testers for New Project - Get a free 4K IP Camera

    I'll be interested Sean!
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    FYI - Amazon deal of the day LaView / Hik OEM 1080P WiFi 360° PT camera $37.45

    will these work on a Hikvision NVR?
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    Belden or Superior Essex Cat6 cable?

    WE use Vertical Cable, Never encounter any issues with it, I've pulled so many runs with this stuff
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    wow that looks good, Where did you purchase this from Im interested in setting one up
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    And so it begins... (darn you members!)

    what Network switch is that?
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    Source for white outdoor Ethernet cable?

    I use this cable on a daily basis, Very good Cable !!
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    Pole Mount Solutions?

    Multi Sensor Cameras? Trying to keep cost and this wasn't submitted on the quote Although this thing indeed is ugly it's functional, Im trying to put 7 Cameras on one pole and drilling 7 holes on that pole im a little worried of the structure of the pole, this is why I have to come up with...
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    Pole Mount Solutions?

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    Pole Mount Solutions?

    Greetings can anyone point me in the right direction as far as getting something similar to this? I need to mount 6 Camera on a 6 inch pole and this would work perfectly
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    Wireless Camera Pole Install

    Thanks man, I've been looking for something like this
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    Wireless Camera Pole Install

    Great Install ! I got something similar install coming up, do you think its possible that you could provide me a little more info about that custom enclosure box? possibly a link would be great, How's the power going in to that pole? can you take some inside pictures,