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    Need advice: Stay with Dahua+SmartPSS or move on?

    Have you looked at Security Spy?
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    DVR/NVR with multiple single camera/monitor output

    We do this w/ Security Spy. An iPad or iMac can act as a display or an Apple TV + display. Either can display any number of cameras or tours and you can have as many as your network can handle. One example. The TV in our kitchen normally tours all cameras in groups of 4. If my wife or I are in...
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    Anyone used a USB 3.0 connected external Drive for Video storage?

    To the original question... It's important to remember that USB3 ≠ USB3. A Gen 2 2x2 is massively faster than a Gen 1 1x1 and there are a half dozen flavors between these. My old MacBook w/ a 2x2 connection to an external drive provides good enough performance to edit fairly hi res video (about...
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    Mac or Windows (Security Spy vs Blue Iris)

    A lot of extra coding and debug work? Having compared BI and SS there is little need that I know of for BI on mac unless it's purely to save some $$'s but knowing what I do now I'd not consider the savings worth it. SS is a more stable and robust platform in my experience and well worth the cost.
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    Camera for end of 1000' driveway ? WiFi? Ethernet? Other?

    Thanks all. Great info. I'm pretty sure if I put a conduit in that it will remain empty the rest of my life and if I don't put it in then I'll wish I had about 2 weeks after the trench is closed up... :-) AirMax really seems to be the ticket.
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    Camera for end of 1000' driveway ? WiFi? Ethernet? Other?

    I'd love to stick a conduit in that trench for future use but at nearly $1/ft I think my boss says I'll have to pass :-) A NanoStation seems the ideal solution. Thanks for that. I should also be able to stick a Nano Switch on it if needed for additional cameras but I think for now we just want...
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    Camera for end of 1000' driveway ? WiFi? Ethernet? Other?

    We have about an 800' driveway from an outbuilding (w/ Ethernet Switch) to the road and given recent stolen mail incidents we are thinking a camera down there wouldn't be a bad idea. We do have 120v power at the road end. It is somewhat heavily treed. This is MN so temps of -20°f are common in...
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    LPR Install ipc-hfw5241e-z12e

    Sign of a sick mind: The only image you zoom in on is the one that shows how the ethernet was routed.
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    Guy stealing stuff - thoughts on camera image ?

    A neighbor posted this. Thoughts on what camera this is, why the perps face is so blurred, how it compares w/ other cameras or can be improved? Thanks,
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    Understanding wizsense / wizmind

    Would a WizMind camera have all of the capabilities of a WizSense camera? E.G., other than cost would there be a reason to get a WizSense instead of a WizMind?
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    2MP vs 4MP vs 8MP - day vs night ?

    Thank you guys. I think it finally makes sense now. There was a camera (I believe Phase One) that I played with a bit ago that had a low light mode that effectively took 4 pixels and used them as one with each a different bit of dynamic range. The result was effectively 18 stops of actual...
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    2MP vs 4MP vs 8MP - day vs night ?

    Thanks. The funny thing is that I'm a fashion photographer - but this is an entirely different world. Am I thinking correctly assuming the same sensor size and lens? Or perhaps a better way to put it - same camera but 2, 4 or 8 MP with commensurate increases in cost. Will I loose any...
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    2MP vs 4MP vs 8MP - day vs night ?

    A 4MP needs about twice as much light as a 2MP? However, can a 4MP operate as a 2MP? IOW, would it make any sense to get a 4MP or 8MP and have it at full rez during the day and then downrez at night? Thanks,
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    Help w/ additional cameras ?

    Here's the studio:
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    Help w/ additional cameras ?

    I've roughed in for 4 exterior cameras on our detached studio. Two in the gable facing our house (150' from studio to house front), one under an eve looking down our driveway and one under a boat shed. I've had a number of Dahua/Loryta cameras from Andy and for my simple mind's ability to learn...