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    Axis Camera Disabling NTP Time Automatically

    Tried a factory reset ? I've configured these in the past with NTP, never had an issue.
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    Fun times at the gas station ...

    I know just about every one here is moral and prudent, and of course intelligent!, that's why I am here :)
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    Fun times at the gas station ...

    It's good that you have that mindset, and in Australia and UK it may be less risky. Too many guns in the US and unfortunately it's the wrong type of people carrying them.
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    Fun times at the gas station ...

    It's dangerous intervening in America !
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    Ok, lets talk PC-Based recording!

    For large open areas you are better off configuring constant record at full resolution and frame rate, or reduced frame rate/reduced resolution until motion is detected, at which point you record at Full resolution/Full frame rate. This should be possible on almost any platform.
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    Cannot view Cameras remotley any longer

    Reboot your NVR, then reboot your router(Modem)
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    Dahua - SmartPSS unable to connect

    Topology doesn't sound good to me, NVR and cameras should be in same subnet.
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    Dahua - SmartPSS unable to connect

    So the NVR has 2 interfaces with the cameras on the 2nd NIC ?. These won't have internet access which is fine. Check the setup of the 2nd NIC because sometimes it may be setup up in fault tolerant mode rather than multi LAN. What IP range are the cameras using ?
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    Dahua - SmartPSS unable to connect

    I assume you're trying to use SmartPSS externally back into your NVR ?. The recommended way to connect remotely is to use a VPN. I'm not familiar with the Unify gear but I'm pretty sure it supports remote access VPN. To use Smart PSS, the NVR needs to be 'online' via the P2P function. Has your...
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    Neighbors drug lab finally catches fire and blows up.

    Give someone enough rope.... Give enough rope - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
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    Axis P3245-LVE substream configuration

    I'm not a BI user, but I have used this camera before. Just an aside, the username for Axis cameras is root rather than admin, unless you've added a second user ?
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    58 cam install finally done.

    I've had good results with Uniview recorders. Looks great. Don't mean to be a smart alec, but I only see 46 cams :cool:
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    Zero Tier remote access to Blue Iris

    It would be nice if Dahua NVRs had a ZT client built in.
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    Bear Spray 1 - Trespasser 0

    Ours are the most placid things ever !
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    Bear Spray 1 - Trespasser 0

    How does bear spray compare with normal OC spray ? (also illegal here) We've never heard of bear spray here in Aus!