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    Has anyone successfully used Blue Iris with Mullvad VPN?

    The best VPN service is; Openvpn on your home network. All of your info will stay there and can only be opened up with a certificate key that is made by you. There is no need to open up ports on your router for the world to see.
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    I did the same.. I also was paying $1.99 a year for their Android app.
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    The whole smelly family.

    What breed of cat are they? [emoji79]
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    I have a Hubitat smart hub that pulls in weather info. When I get some time today I will go into more details. If I am not mistaken, it gets the info from ambient weather. Also check out weatherstack, they have a free API setup that can be used.
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    Why is REOLINK JUNK?

    What's a Reolink? Is that the same company that made the Yugo? [emoji1787]
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    Dashcam - How do you not see a full-size pickup?

    It really doesn't matter anymore. They are giving out drivers license to non US citizens in New Jersey. And guess what?, my auto insurance will probably go up to cover this.
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    Bird Cannibalism Caught On Camera

    It is a daily thing for a red tailed hawk to take a dove or a squirrel around here where I am in South Jersey.
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    What is this dog doing?

    I know a dog that would stand on his front legs and prop his back legs up on a tree to take a shit. Turds rolled off his back. True story...
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    Dog almost catches squirrel

    My Jack Russell's favorite pass time was chasing squirrels and stray cats. I sure do miss him and his antics.
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    Absolute beginner with absolutely no knowledge.......

    As said above, your IP address has changed. When you reset your modem/router, it will release the IP address and retrieve a new one. In your browser, type in; what is my IP. Use the number found from the browser and add it to your NVR.
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    Hikvision doorbell—> Alexa Announcement

    LOL! The title of post made me think that Hikvision was making a doorbell for Amazon's Alexa Echo line up. [emoji23]
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    Smart TV

    Just buy a $30 fire stick or a $25 S902 android TV box and be done with it.
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    4MP Budget Cam Black Friday Giveaway

    Okay, I'm in.. Wow Samantha has some Kool looking blue eyes. I miss my orange tabby, his name was Demien and he lived up to his name.. [emoji16]
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    BI app and Mint mobile data issue.

    I have the BI android app working perfectly on any wifi home or away using my Tp-link router for a VPN. My problem is when I access BI using Mint mobile {T-Mobile} with the VPN I get all the camera images as they are being reset. See screen shot below ;
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    You can get a few cheap Android boxes for under $25 with the S905 chip in them.