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    Looking for BI5 compatible Outdoor PTZ camera for pets / animals

    Wasnt sure where to post this. I have a combination of Dahua, Amcrest and 1 Reolink PTZ cameras. Im running Blue Iris 5. This is for Outdoors. Im looking for a suggestion under $500 for a PTZ camera that does well with animal tracking and works well with BI5. Required: PTZ that will track...
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    Auto Tracking Pets with Dahua

    Camera: Loryta Outdoor 2MP Starlight 25X Optical Zoom IR PTZ Smart AI IP Camera Support Auto-Tracking, Perimeter Protection ,PoE+ ,Face Detection,Smart Capture ,SD49225XA-HNR Issue: Trying to get it to track animals (130 lb newfoundland dog) It appears the camera sees the dog and puts a light...
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    Motion Detection for a Dog

    Have some animal leaving giant piles of poop in my yard. Is there any recommendation on motion detection for a dog? Ideally I'd like an alert generated if a dog or a dog sized object is detected. I have IPC-T5442T-ZE on latest Blue Iris. Beginner to intermediate understanding of Blue Iris and...