blue iris tools

  1. L

    BIT startup settings

    Hello folks, I have been trying to set up Blue Iris Tools so that every time it starts up the default units are in Metric System instead of Imperial. I have been looking into settings.ini and tried to change "units" to 1 or F=°C to °C=F , but no success. Here you have the section which may be...
  2. Mike

    Add-on Hello World 1.0

    This is an example "Hello World" add-on that works with Blue Iris Tools v1.3.0+. The add-on will execute a simple "Hello World" command line at the "weather_get" BIT event handler. This add-on is included with BIT 1.3.0+ but serves as an example. Make sure to disable the add-on after using it...
  3. Mike

    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    I'm very happy to introduce Blue Iris Tools to everyone. Blue Iris Tools was created to act as a companion to Blue Iris and has a bunch of features built in to help maximize your Blue Iris experience. Some of the core features of Blue Iris Tools are: Weather Overlays Easily add the local...