blueiris 5

  1. martyouel

    Auto convert/export problem

    Hi, I configured BI to convert/export my video to mp4 format when it pass from NEW to STORED. I export the mp4 to a NAS drive (mapped as a letter (Z:) in my server). It was working great since a while, but on last Monday I changed BI to run as a service. Since that, the export looks to not...
  2. martyouel

    Convert/export stop working

    Hi, I realized that, since about 3 weeks, the Convert/export stop working. I've configured an automatically convert/export to mp4 file on the move from New to Stored. I tried to troubleshoot by triggering manually a convert/export. From the clip view, I right click on a .bvr click I choose...
  3. P

    Blueiris 5 & Windows 2008 R2

    Sorry if this has been covered, I wasn't able to find anything regarding this before posting. I'm planning to upgrade BI 4 license to 5 with the extended support option. I was wondering if anyone able to run BI 5 on Windows 2008 R2? I think the answer is no as it requires Windows 10, but...