1. Tayschrenn

    Zoom vs resolution

    There is a roughly 40ft lawn between where my driveway camera(s) are going to be, and the drive. Another 20ft give or take where I'd like facial features and license plate reading. My intention was originally based on the camera Google earth website referenced here, which showed only the 4k...
  2. O

    Focal plane distance formula for varifocal camera

    Is it possible to compute the distance of the focus point (distance at which objects are sharpest) using the Zoom and Focus parameters shown in the interface ? The camera I'm using is this one: 12MP IR Vari-focal IP Bullet – Dahua North America I see that the parameters ranges are [0, 852] for...
  3. M

    Need help for boat backup (& bow) wireless camera

    Hello, I bought a spy camera to use as a backup camera, but it’s range is only about 10 feet to my iPad. There is no internet on the boat other that through my phone hotspot. Is there a small camera that would give me a solid 50 feet of distance to the iPad for live viewing? Thanks!