1. 6

    Is this the most logical server to build?

    Background information: I am planning on making a server that is rack mountable which will run Blue Iris on a Windows Server. At first I tried literally EVERYTHING to get all the things I needed to run on one system to save on energy but I believe splitting up the servers is for the best. I had...
  2. Buttan Butt

    Various arguments in favour of and against running DeepStack on a separate host

    Hi there! I haven't really seen any discussion about the pros and cons of running DeepStack locally (same host as BI runs at) vs running it on a different host in the LAN. Currently I'm running DeepStack locally but I'm tempted to set it up on a different host as a Docker image. The reason is...
  3. K

    Last Watch AI - a new platform-independent AI tool with web interface

    Introducing Last Watch AI akmolina28/last-watch-ai is yet another open source tool for glueing Blue Iris to Deepstack AI, inspired by gentlepumpkin's AI tools. I created this tool last year to address some of the gaps and frustrations I was experiencing with the other Deepstack tools...
  4. M

    Virtualizing BI?

    I recently saw a post about a docker for BI but I don't think he was using a "real" license key to test with and not many cameras so there was no real discussion about performance and stability. My BI computer is the last "Winders" computer in my home. Everything else runs Ubuntu on PC...
  5. N

    AI motion detection with BlueIris: an alternate approach

    Note: I will no longer be providing release updates or responding to questions on this thread. If you would like to stay up-to-date on releases you can subscribe to release notifications on the github project. For support open a github support issue. A few weeks ago I came across The Hook Up's...