1. SvnTwoo

    Dahua N52B2P 8-Channel 4K UHD ePoE NVR and mini dome cams 4k/5mp

    Just wrapped up installing my new Dahua POE setup consisting of two 5mp mini dome cams (N51BL22), a 4k mini dome cam (N84CL52) and an N52B2P NVR. Had to pull my Cat5e to from camera locations to the basement where the NVR would be located, added the wall mount and cleaned up related items...
  2. jranalletta

    AT&T Gateway router

    Just about to ditch comcast for AT&T fiber w/ gateway router. Only concern is ability to use BI, i.e. port forwarding. Is it possible? Is anyone doing it? Thanks.
  3. Mike K

    Fiber Continuity Instrument Recommendation?

    I have about 100' of underground OM4 multi-mode fiber optic duplex cable. I'd like to check to make sure it is OK before I hook it up to my switches. Looking at YouTube and Amazon there are many VFI, Visual Fault Indicators, that look like they might do the job, but I'm not sure of witch one...
  4. Mike K

    Underground fiber cable?

    I thought this was going to be the easy part but maybe NOT. I need a single multi mode LC to LC duplex fiber cable about 80' long, probably an OM3,or OM4. Approximately 30' goes underground. So naturally I start looking for an underground cable for the entire length. However, to my surprise...
  5. Mike K

    Cable for SFP switch port?

    I have a switch with 2 small form SFP combination ports which are supposed to support fiber cables. Looking at the cable supplier sites like, , for multimode duplex LC type cables, none of the cable ends, or fiber couplings, look like they would interface with the SFP port. I...