1. TL1096r

    Newbie Starter Guide to IP Cam System – VPN setup – Computer Hardware – Blue Iris – Dahua Cameras

    This is an intermediate / newbie guide for people just starting out looking for a surveillance setup. I know this setup might not be for everyone and there are many options. You can find a lot of this information in the Wiki: IP Cam Talk Wiki | IP Cam Talk A great place to start in the Wiki...
  2. Ottomatik

    NSC-DB1 Onvif Compatible Wifi Doorbell Blue Iris Setup

    Hello, I have tried multiple times, multiple different ways with the the auto inspection and manual input. I cannot get the settings correct to get the NSC-DB1 to work with Blue Iris. Does anyone have a guide on how to get this up and running
  3. dalepa

    Hikvision from the Internet - Firewall Ports and Forwarding howto?

    Is there a quick guide here someplace for help connecting to a Hikvision cam from the internet?