1. I

    Unable to get RTSP streams from Herospeed XVR

    Hey all, Really stumped here, bought some very on sale stuff that turned out to be rebranded Herospeed, I've been trying to intergrate it with my existing stuff using iSpy and Home Assistant. I can't seem to get any other RTSP streams other then Channel 1.... Some Info on the XVR: Device...
  2. O

    Bricked HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322

    Tried to update firmware on HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322 after update the web interface became inaccessable. Advanced IP Scanner shows that the camera is connector to the network and shows IP address yet can't telnet nor open the webinterface. The last working firmware on the IP camera...
  3. maicol07

    Help with external NVR cameras URL

    Hi, I have an Herospeed NVR with several cameras attached through PoE ports. I can see all the cameras via the NVR web interface but I wouold like to setup them in another LAN app via HTTP, RTSP or ONVIF. I've tried some URLs found online but none worked. Do you know what I can use to do this or...
  4. Alex1977

    Herospeed/longse IP cam

    Hi All! Sorry for the poor language. I have two (originally Global Cctv branded From uk) 5mp Up cameras with motorised zoom. They are working well but I’m sure they are Hikvision oem cams. Hikvision search tool found them so I would like to identify what model are they. Another problem is...
  5. 7

    [SOLVED] MJPEG Stream for herospeed (S2L33M_IMX322_W_6.1.34.1)

    Hi. I can set mainstream's encode to be MJPEG:1920x1080 but I can not find url of mjpeg stream. from ispyconnect website, i found snapshot url and it is working. http://ip/snap.jpg but nothing is there for mjpegurl. Connect to HeroSpeed IP cameras thanks.
  6. Elanus

    Herospeed XVR HI3135A problems with PTZ

    Hello I'm new to the forum. This week I set up a security system. We got a local branded DVR connected 4 fixed cameras and a locally branded chinese PTZ. The PTZ can be controlled and configured using the in-camera OSD by the DVR and the Internet explorer OCX plugin web interface. However I...