intel hardware accel

  1. M

    Random Signal Loss with Intel Decode Fixed with BIOS Setting

    I recently built an i5-10600k system to use for BI. With the latest Intel graphics drivers, I would get random 1 second signal losses from cameras with Intel hardware decode enabled. For each camera it would be up to 20 times a day. With no acceleration enabled, these same cameras went weeks...
  2. erensfd

    Latest stable Intel graphics driver for hardware acceleration with Skylake?

    Hi Everyone, I'm having issues with hardware acceleration in BI using the latest Intel driver with my HD Graphics 530 GPU (i7-6700t). Can anyone recommend an earlier version that they have been using without any issues? The version mentioned in the Wiki for...

    Is all QuickSync created equal?

    Hello! Looking to build a Windows 10 server for Blue Iris and have some questions. I currently have 2 Dahua IPC-HFW4231B-AS and might buy 2 more cameras but not sure. I have a old PC running a Asrock Q1900 mob with cpu. ASRock > Q1900-ITX On paper it has quicksync and wonder if it can be used...
  4. peebee

    Ghosting only in recordings, not live

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what's going on here. This ghosting appears to be related to using Intel hardware acceleration. Here is an example: Changing to Intel + VPP doesn't make a difference. Disabling Intel hardware acceleration and the problem goes away. I have a...