1. Libra Sun

    Need Snapshot URL for TVT-rebranded NVR

    For years I've owned a TVT-based NVR with 1 internal HDD and 4 analog cameras attached to it. Never have I been able to obtain image snapshots without opening the browser and manually clicking a control. I'd like to be able -- if it's at all possible with this model -- to capture JPG snapshots...
  2. D

    Hikvision JPG Snapshot to SD card?

    Hi, I have these 2 models: - 2CD2135FWD-IS - 2CD2132F-I Is it possible to have (one of) these camera's do a JPG snapshot to the SD card? (every 10 seconds for example) Thank you! DJ
  3. godfree1963

    BlueIris x64 not writing jpg alert images to alert folder.

    I'm running the latest version of BlueIris 4 x64 and it's not saving jpg alerts images to the alert folder. I have checked the camera properties and the record tab has the "create an alert image when triggered" on, but it's not saving anything when triggered. If I also enable "always create...