1. 6

    Is this the most logical server to build?

    Background information: I am planning on making a server that is rack mountable which will run Blue Iris on a Windows Server. At first I tried literally EVERYTHING to get all the things I needed to run on one system to save on energy but I believe splitting up the servers is for the best. I had...
  2. xmfan

    multi-tasking PC

    Good Evening Folks, So, from another thread that I created, I've learned that to run BI, I don't really need a very powerful PC, been reading the wiki and the posts that everyone chimed in on, all have been very helpful. I had a thought to multi-task so wanted to run by you experts to see if...
  3. MrRalphMan

    Plex IPTV plugin, has anyone tried and got this working?

    I know there are options to use a Raspberry PI for a remote viewer and other options, but I can across this plugin for Plex. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with this? I've added the streams for my cameras...