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    900ft run. 10 gauge wire Powerline adapter. Got power, got internet (kinda)

    Hi all. im very new here but have frequented to read information. I now find it time that my problem cannot currently be found from a search. So here goes nothing. [EDITED summary: I have power I have internet on the switch The lights come on on the camera I have tried other cameras that were...
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    add PoE camera with powerline adapter

    I have a Laview NVR set up. Ethernet port of NVR is connected to a powerline adapter. Everything works fine. I want to put another camera in the garage. The NVR is on the 2nd floor. I don't want to run Cat5 cable from garage to the 2nd floor. I thought that I could plug the camera into an...
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    Setup Help And Opinions?

    As I mentioned in the New Member section, I'm new to the IP Cam technology and looking to add some quality cameras for home security. Based on the what I've read over the past couple days on the IPCAMTALK forums, I've narrowed down the camera technology to the Dahua IPC - HDW5231R-Z Turret cam...
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    New and looking to learn :)

    I'm a newb looking to learn about ipcams. I was looking to add some security cameras to my residence, and made the mistake of installing EZVIZ Wifi Cameras outside. I figured since I was using the new Google Mesh Wifi, it would be sufficiently strong for maintaining a connection to the cameras...