1. sirtronics

    Newbee help trying to setup web page to access cameras

    I have a touch screen and using the ivms4500 is a problem the touch area is too small and people keep screwing it up, this is in a childcare center. I am trying to write a web page or script so on the right side i can have a class name and when someone touches it they get a live view of the 2...
  2. M

    Hikvision NVR custom profile for RTSP

    Hello everyone, I've just upgraded to a new Hikvision DS-7600 series NVR, and am having issues creating a custom profile for my Axis encoder. I have verified that the following strings work in VLC and am trying to figure out how to add it in the NVR: rtsp://user ...
  3. lojix

    How to - Stream an IP Camera To a TV

    One of the benefits of IP cameras over analog is the added versatility. Integration with the digital network has made accessing and viewing cameras much easier. One way of adding extra visual control of an IP camera system, is by having its stream accessible to be monitored on a standard...